Chicks with dicks

I apologise for the appallingly crass title to this post, but it seemed appropriate in the circumstances.

Last night I was feeling really horny … REALLY horny! … and I spent half the evening looking at porn online. In particular I found myself looking at pictures of pegging, and specifically searching for pictures and videos of my most desired toy in use – the Fun Factory Share XL. I found disappointingly few, although a few more of Feeldoes, but there were enough to inspire a determined boner and a pre-bedtime wank (alone in the bathroom). And I thought I share some of my favourites.


As you will know, Loyal Reader, there is little chance of my Wife ever giving my arse the pounding I crave with one of these beauties, but as I wanted to prolong the mood, this morning I lubed up my Fun Factory Booty, and eased it into my hole. For about the first half hour, my ring just twitched and clenched as it got used to the violation, but now it has mostly relaxed, save for the occasional pulse of tension, my dick is in a perpetual state of semi erectness, and as the toy’s tip nudges against my prostate, I feel regular drops of pre-cum rising through my helmet.

Lovely ….

16 Responses to “Chicks with dicks”

  1. Dear A.M.,
    I want the Fun Factory Share Xl! I would be More then Happy to Peg You Anytime! πŸ˜„

  2. I have never tried this, but it could be fun at least once…Β 

    I just hope for you you get to enjoy it soon.


  3. I picked up one of these recently in a female only sex toy shop. I had 3 problems with it:
    1 I couldn’t stop laughing g
    2 I wasn’t sure it was big enough
    3 even if I bought one I no longer have anyone to play with (not that he would’ve done anyway)
    Do once I’d stopped laughing and
    fondling it I had to put it back on the shelf…

  4. […] She walk into the room, wearing nothing but latex stockings and opera gloves, the short end of a Share XL hidden deep in Her cunt, I would doubtless have been lubing my arsehole before She could have told […]

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