the stuff of dreams

Whilst I wake from dreams about sex on a regular basis, it’s rare for me to dream bout sex with my Wife. Rarer still to have a dream about sex with my Wife that doesn’t reflect our inadequate sex life. Which makes last night all the more interesting.

In my second dream, we were on holiday with friends, staying in an old gothic gatehouse. It was only big enough for one bedroom, and one bed. Curiously a bed big enough for all four of us to share. Dreams are inexplicable, so just as no one ever queried Eric & Ernie sharing a bed and not having sex, so there is no need to wonder why, in my dream we didn’t all end up soaked in each other’s genital secretions.


On the contrary, my Dream Wife and I had to steal a moment for sex whilst our companions were out.

And what a moment.
My Dream Wife, lay naked on the floor, in the tiny space between the bed and the bedroom door, encouraging me to fuck Her tits (we’ve never done that). And then Her mouth. But it wasn’t Her usual half hearted Blowjob (cheek) it was a ravenous, head back, Blowjob (throat) with my Wife moaning enthusiastically as I bucked against Her chin. Until …
Stop …
What was that …?
A sound from the corridor.
I pulled out of Her and grabbed a towel to cover my bobbing bobby.
Dream Her : Don’t stop!
Dream me : Didn’t you hear that? them. They’re back.
Dream Her : So what? They won’t come in. Give me your cock back.
Dream me : Later.
Dream Her : Now!
Dream me : No!
Dream Her : Where’s your sense of adventure. So what if we get caught?!
And then I drifted off back into deeper sleep as my Dream Wife berated me for being sexually repressed.
Ok, so I guess there was a degree of allegory, but that’s the sort of derision I’d welcome.

If that dream was horny, the first dream was even more so. And is undoubtedly a reflection on what debauchery has been going through my head recently.

As my Dream Wife eased the pussy plug of Her Feeldoe into Her cunt, She smiled an utterly filthy smile as I took the other end in my mouth and fellated Her silicone member.


I ran my tongue theatrically down it’s length and then along Her filled snatch … and much to my delight noticed my Dream Wife had meticulously shaved Her pubes into an exceptionally neat heart shape. I don’t think a razor or wax strip has ever been near my Real Wife’s crotch, and whilst this was a much simpler dream, and both were delicious, this would most definitely the stuff of my dreams.

16 Responses to “the stuff of dreams”

  1. That’s cool AM. I never remember my dreams but oddly I remember that early this morning, I was dreaming that my bridge had fallen out and I was carrying it in my hand. I think tooth loss dreams are a bad presage. I would have rather had your dirty dream!


  2. Wo! ooo mmm ggg never thought of receiving fellatio as I wear a feel do – damn you have the best dreams AM. That’s just an inside out sort of thought for me. You’ve got a hot dream wife…not to say anything about your own hotness – licking. as you did – it would definitely be pretty sexy to see a man do that. XO, sweet dreams Jayne

  3. Sadly I can’t remember the last time I had a dirty dream…or sex, well, truly-satisfying-mind-blowing-orgasm-sex
    At least you have your dreams AM… 🙂

  4. Guess Freud would have a field day with this dream. But am really jealous of your dreams. Dreamt I was chased by my childhood teddy bear, that will show me not to watch horror movies b4 bedtime 🙂

  5. Well, those are really nice dreams to have! I’m glad that, at least in your dreams, your wife has accommodated your personal preference regarding pubic hair. Maybe it was a premonitory dream? (and I’m almost sure that’s not the proper way to say it in English, I apologise).

  6. […] Accidental Masturbator is a very talented writer! He tells his story and also throws in his interests on latex and sex toys and many styles of men’s underwear which are nice to look at. One thing I love is a man who is comfortable and confident enough to act, write or express his sexuality any way he wants. Here’s an example that had me wondering a whole lot of things because I had no idea this existed. Check out the links ; )  the stuff of dreams. […]

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