4 letters that say so much and so little

25yrs ago, if you wanted some porn, you had to buy a magazine, or a video cassette. And if you liked to beat off to anything even slightly off the beaten track, at best you’d have to visit some pretty seedy shops. Then came the internet, and finding inspirational images got a whole lot easier, no matter how left field your perverted tastes.

For some of us it’s hard to think of the internet as only 25yrs old, but last week saw it officially pass out of its first quarter century. (Does that mean the internet is old enough to view hard core porn?)

In the week that we celebrate Sir Tim Burners Leigh’s inception of The internet, BBC Radio 4’s News Quiz
Hard drives will be our future legacy. Where we have dug around attics to unearth our grand parents’ love letters, our grand children will scour our hard drives.
So I get my love of BDSM from Grandpa.
I laughed. As did the radio show’s audience.
My Wife did not.
Her : I don’t know what it means.
Me : Bondage, domination and sado-masochism
Her : oh.

10 Responses to “4 letters that say so much and so little”

  1. That’s funny AM, I just wrote something along the same lines….and then they intersected and I lost myself. Maybe I will post it anyway. We really are living through enormous changes in society. No wonder why we are so lost. Ok, maybe no wonder why I am so lost.

    Bises de dimanche,

  2. So do you mean to say that you found love letters of your Grandfather describing in gruesome detail what he would do to his lovers, and he liked it hard core?!
    I know nothing of my grandparents’ sex lives, aside from the fact that my grandma got pregnant and that’s why they hurriedly married… That made for one fucked up marriage, believe me!
    And I don’t know much more of my parent’s sex lives, only that it was unfulfilling to them both, since my mom bought books to try and do something about it, and my dad had an affair…
    Pretty generic stuff, none of the details! *pouts* 🙂

    • I know nothing at all of my grandparents sex lives. (Nor my parents.)
      It was a hypothetical scenario put forward by a comic. She suggested that finding old love letters has historically been a way of learning about our grandparents, but that in a technological age they would be replaced by emails etc. And since the history of web searches we have made is contained on many hard drives, we might also end up discovering sexual proclivities we didn’t expect.
      Maybe I didn’t need to explain that.

    • Oh no, you totally needed to explain! I didn’t realise it until you spelled it out. I may be a bit tired… my week was quite busy, and I stayed up last night supporting a friend who’s just had her first baby…
      I have to admit I never thought of my kids and grandkids snooping around my hard drive until I read your response on my phone. And then I opened my laptop and realised that I had left some Boobday pictures visible in a window hidden behind my browser… and lent the laptop to my teen, who closed the browser before closing the laptop, putting it in ‘sleep’ mode.
      When I opened it just now, Boobday pictures jumped up at me…

  3. Oopha. I surely hope my
    Grandchildren (& children!) are the forgiving sort! I doubt they’ll want to see much of Grandma’s/Mom’s tits! Lol

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