Love for sale

It’s an odd phrase, love for sale. Or at least an odd euphemism. Odd because it’s not remotely acurate. Odd because, when used to refer to prostitution, it’s not about love, it’s about sex. Love is an emotion. Sex is … well … sex is many things to many people, but an emotion it is not. Sex for sale. That’s more accurate. But society needs some way to blur the reality of fucking for cash so we have terms like working girls or escorts and love for sale.

Out of the blue an opportunity has arisen for me. My Wife has had an increasing number of nights away on business recently, and it’s time to call in the debt. In a couple of months time there is a sports training event I’d like to attend, lasting a whole weekend and some 3hrs drive away. There is little reason to visit the hosting town so no need for my family to travel with me, and as we know no one in the area, it would involve an overnight hotel stay.

You can see where this is going, can’t you, Dear Reader?


I’ve looked at the Adult Work website from time to time, fantasised about hiring an escort, and even converesed with a couple online. But when it comes to the reality of getting cash out of my wallet and my cock out of my pants, indiscretion has never seemed like such a great idea. Yet today, as a night away in a hotel on my own seems to be a real posibility, and business has been particularly lucrative recently, I find myself looking at local escorts with just a little more intent.

And as if by coincidence, tonight on TV is Love For Salean unusually truthful and honest insight into the sex trade in which Rupert Everett explores the motivations of sex workers, from the Exeter housewife who claims she loves her work, to the Liverpool street-walker, and from the Mayfair escort who charges £700 an hour, to the young rent boy on the backstreets of Tel Aviv. I may not be watching with my Wife, but tomorrow morning, when She has gone to work, I will be watching it online.

What I do for entertainment and company the night I am away from home remains to be seen.

19 Responses to “Love for sale”

  1. this is normal, man has needs !

  2. Ah, I saw the adverts for Love for Sale. Hopefully I’ll also be streaming it in the next few days.

    • It’s an interesting piece. Makes you consider the people behind the pussy more that you might otherwise do so.
      Although it does deal with the darker side of the profession, I’m glad it also confirms the existance of the happy hooker. [Note to self: I wonder if I can track her down?]

  3. I say, why pay for stuff you can have for free? Then again finding it for free on the same weekend in the same town….
    This kind of thing is so frustrating because there are so many sexually frustrated people out there. There should be some sort of code recognizable between all of us. (Scarlet letter? Nah.) It is quite depressing when you think about it. Since I began my “Sex with Strangers,” chapter, a girlfriend asked me why I don’t become an escort girl, which shocked me…although it’s quite pragmatic since I don’t work. She is a very practical girlfriend.

    I’m off-subject but I think that you wrote about this because you don’t really like the idea deep down. Then again, what do I know?


    • Yet again, Dawn, you see through me. There’s certainly a part of me that loves the idea, but you’re right: deep down, the idea is not the ideal.

      In your position, I think I would have a shot at advertising my services. At least a couple of times. But that’s just me, and it’s easy to say when it’s not real.

    • No way José! Even if I wanted to, which I don’t, I doubt that there is a very big market for the Over-Forties. I suppose sooner or later someone may ask ME to pay, at that point I will officially give up! How heartbreaking! 😦

    • I’ll wager there are more over-40 escorts than you’d imagine. And having seen what you might be able to offer, I doubt you’d be short of bookings!

    • Maybe it really isn’t to late to start my professional life! No way AM! I am far too romantic to be a “working girl!” Lol! I would manage to fall a little bit in love with every client. It doesn’t work that way, in the real world. (wherever that is!)

    • revealedwoman Says:

      I think you’ve got AM sussed – deep down it goes against all sorts of beliefs…

    • That’s what I think too. It falls into the category of things that are better in the imagination than in the real world.

    • But then again, how do you know? Is it better to dream about skydiving, or to try it? I’m not sure I know the answer when it comes to buying sex. Obviously, it gets more complicated when there are other people involved, but …

    • Good point. So far. all I have figured about this stuff is, if it isn’t your fantasy, probably it won’t do much for you. Oddly. I don’t have that many fantasies. Ok, I do, but they are not very exciting. I have the fantasies of our ancestors I guess. (Shhh. Don’t tell anyone!)

    • Don’t worry. No one else reads this. Your secret is safe.
      Employing an escort is very much a fantasy of mine. Quite a detailed fantasy too. What I don’t know is whether the reality would work for me. But having watched Pt 1 of the documentary, judging by the professionalism of the Exeter housewife, I’m sure any reservations I had would be discarded as quickly as my underwear.

    • Hihihi! Take off your underwear then! 🙂
      Bisous My Friend sans slip!

  4. Well, what do you have to lose? I mean, if you don’t try it once, you will never know! I’d even say try twice. If it doesn’t work the first time around, it may just be because of the girl, not because you don’t like the idea of love for sale. After all, it’s not really love you want to buy… And it’s not as if you have many other prospects at home :-/
    Maybe just to remember what actually holding someone feels like, feeling their flesh under your hand, and all those other very important things in life… I agree it’s probably not what you strive for deep down, but if it’s the only thing you will allow yourself for the time being, then why not go for it?!

    • You are spawning a whole post.

    • Ah well, sorry, you should know by now I’m a chatterbox 🙂
      I want to say:’make sure you write that post’. But I’m confident that if it happens, you will. And if it doesn’t happen you will too, if only to share the reasons why it did/didn’t happen 🙂

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