It’s not just me

As I hung out the laundry I was struck by an interesting observation.

Various items of my underwear collection (about which you might justifiably feel bored of hearing by now, Dear Reader) need to be washed as delicates. So a while back I invested in one of those mesh laundry bags intended for washing lacy lingerie. My Wife has one too, which She has always used for the now legendary red bra and panties.

Prior to our now 5 month celibacy, I have to admit said bra and panties did leave my Wife’s underwear drawer not infrequently, albeit exclusively at the weekend, and without ever being remotely flaunted.
(Just in case there’s any doubt, I feel obliged to point out that, although I have, at her request, been known to spend up to a whole week wearing Geri‘s panties, which was a real giggle, and led to her buying me a very feminine pair of my own, my Wife’s legendary red panties have never left my her underwear drawer to be worn by myself.)
As a result, as recently as December they would appear in a mesh laundry bag from time to time.
(That’s my Wife’s legendary red bra and panties, not the feminine pair.)
(And I haven’t kept a pair of Geri’s.)
(Although they would doubtless have made a nice souvenir.)

But not any more.
Which is probably quite telling.

Although I can’t remember quite when, I’m sure I’ve made no secret to you, Dear Reader, that I have given up hope of me fucking my Wife ever again, and it seems apparent, so has She.

12 Responses to “It’s not just me”

  1. I’m sorry AM. I realize that doesn’t help you out any but I really am.


  2. Hope springs eternal. I am an optimist, otherwise, our lives would be too bleak. I am hoping for you…

  3. Well, I must say I’m quite sad for you. And for her. I’m with Dawn here and wish fireworks for you. But I suppose I will have to content myself with reasonably happy as far as you’re concerned. Until you decide to go for more…
    Wishing you the best, always.

  4. revealedwoman Says:

    Never underestimate the importance of happiness (from one who wasn’t for too long). Some things we can live without but happiness is a must, or at least something you want to feel regularly. Keep smiling AM

    • A rather large philosophical question springs to mind: what is happiness. We know when we have a lot of it, we know when we don’t, but surely it’s not a binary state, and yet without being able to define it it’s kind of difficult to say if we have enough.
      (Fuck me! That was a bit deep for this time of the morning.)

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