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Business meetings don’t always go the way you expect. Last night I had a meeting / networking / friendly catch-up with 4 guys I’ve worked with a few times over the last couple of years. We met at a small restaurant and chatted about recent, current and future projects. And then somehow it all turned a little lad-ish. Tales of debauchery were told, of drunken stag-dos (I believe these are bucks nights in the US), of prostate examinations, of how one had discovered his parents to be swingers, and how another had, as a teenager, stumbled upon a VHS home movie his parents had secreted at the back of a cupboard. The movie didn’t actually feature his parents, but two other couples, both of whom where the parents of his school friends. In the film they were all naked, and they were all fucking. Considering his own parents did not feature in this domestic porno, but someone was obviously holding the camera, he was forced to surmise that one of them was almost certainly doing the filming.

Now think about this carefully, Dear Reader:
You’re 15yrs old. Deep in your post-puberty sexual awakening.
You find your parents porno video.
It features your best mates’ parents in graphic sexual detail.
What would you do?

Obviously you’d tell the friends in question.
Obviously you’d invite them over.
Obviously you’d all watch their parents fucking on TV.
Just like he did.

To be honest, I don’t think I would. I would have kept it a secret, bringing out the tape whenever I was alone in the house, tugging myself off, knelt before the TV. But each to their own.

Anyway, as you well know, Regular Reader, I dream in Pornovision™, and this morning’s feature was obviously based on my colleague’s tale:


I became aware I was under a bed and was filming with a video camera. I could see a pair of bare feet on the sun drenched cream carpet next to the bed, and there was obviously someone else moving around on the bed as well. I peeped over the edge of the mattress and found there to be a naked couple spooning and masturbating each other.
I ducked back down.
I noticed I was naked too.
The couple on the bed giggled and bounced.
I stuck my head back up, camera in hand, framing the action, and realised the feet I’d seen belonged to Geri, Unsurprisingly. in the circumstances, she was naked too., and playing with her tits, occasionally licking her own nipples,
much as I remember she used to when she and I fucked for real.
I ducked back down again.
Geri dipped her head down and greeted me with a big smile, before joining me under the bed.
She cooed words of encouragement for me to join in.
I stayed where I was, now pointing the video camera at her.
On my refusal, she turned and presented her cunt to the camera. She then produced a cruved glass dildo, with a bulbous head and dark blue ripples spiraling up its surface, and ran the tip along her glistening slit, before impaling herself on it.

It’s strange how easy it is to have an image create itself in your head, and then to be able to find almost exactly that same image somewhere on the internet.
I carried on shooting images, as slid down on the glass rod.
The dildo came to a halt. Not nearly as deep into Geri’s quim as either of us expected.
She pulled it out, and jabbed it vigorously back in. Again, the penetration was less dramatic than it should have been. It was as if neither of us realised how shallow her snatch was.
I offered assistance, taking the toy from her. She pulled her knees up, and spread her pussy lips wide with her fingers as I eased the phallus up against her slippery entrance.
I pushed. The her body eagerly enveloped the head, but again it stopped short. I thrust again, harder this time, but she was quite right, no more length could be encouraged to fill her cunt.
We exchanged glances, shrugged to each other as much out of puzzled amusement as anything else, 
and I woke up, my erect cock bobbing away under the duvet.

Imediatley I tried tried to get back to sleep, to fall back into the deliciously pornographic scene … but to no avail. If only I had actually been recording the scene on VHS. I could have rewound the tape and found out what we did with the dildo next.

9 Responses to “Home movies”

  1. Hmmm, what a nice dream to wake up to 🙂
    So vivid as well!
    As for your friend/colleague, I think it is hard enough at 15 to imagine that your parents are sexual at all (I mean, frankly, they’re old a fat and ugly, right?!), but to see proof in a home video, that must be a shock! I totally understand him for wanting to share the shock with his mates. Very selfish I’d add, as it probably shocked them just as much, but at least he wasn’t alone with the trauma!

  2. It’s your Dawn chorus! I just wanted to thrown in how incredibly arousing it is to be photographed. It’s weird to me because I doubt that say, ten years ago, I would have felt this way. Only because I wasn’t doing that kind of thing. I have never considered myself to be especially narcissistic, but it is amazingly arousing to me…this stuff. Maybe it’s because my sexual acts are behind my own closed eyes. I never get a chance to see. Now I do.


    • Oh, I totally agree Dawn! Being photographed (I’ve never been filmed yet) is VERY arousing. I think, when I’m in the right frame of mind, I could almost come just from hearing that shutter noise 🙂
      I’m not sure how it would feel in a group setting though. I think part of the attraction for me is that I’m center stage. I know, very egocentric. I suppose I’m finally allowing myself to be egocentric, after years of having been denied pride in myself and my appearance… It will probably calm down, I suppose, I’m not sure I should write I hope! Until then, I’ll enjoy it every chance I get 🙂

    • My favourite ex-fuck-budy, Fiona, liked me to hold a mirror so she could watch her cunt enveloping my cock. I guess it’s the same sort of thing.

    • Agreed. Watching yourself fuck on TV is a really interesting experience. It’s eye opening to see how you are … how someone else sees you, when you’re fucking, and watching with them is monumentally horny. (I wish I still had that tape!)

    • I wonder where it is? Maybe it will show up somewhere unlikely! Hihihi! In a yard sale somewhere, mixed in with cassette tapes and other things from the past. 🙂

    • Dawn D Says:

      Hmmm, that’s interesting! I’ve never been filmed and thus have never watched myself on TV afterwards. But it must be hot! I still like to look at the pictures I have. Some are pretty vanilla (face shots while coming) others are much naughtier. I think what I like most when watching them again is how it takes me back to the moment…
      But in the heat of the moment, hearing that shutter, or seeing the look in the other person’s eyes are they are taking a pic of me… that’s pretty hot already 🙂
      (and I wish for you you still had that tape too 🙂 )

    • Taking the photos is really hot too. (I wish I still had more of those as well!) I’m still on a mission to fulfil my to take some
      arty pornographs


      I guess there’s something both voyeuristic / exhibitionistic when you put a camera between yourself and your subject, and a bit D/s if the photographer is directing too. Hmmmmm …

    • Dawn D Says:

      I agree that taking pics must be really hot. I’m not usually the one to take them though 🙂
      I read your post with interest. I actually think I wouldn’t mind doing this. But it means I would have to live closer and actually have someone willing to do the shoot with me 🙂
      And I agree with the D/s too… though I’ve never really experienced being directed… Still so many things to discover 🙂

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