What a waste

Here I am, feeling particularly horny – considering how hard I’ve been working over the last few months, and how tired I’ve been as a result, unusually horny – and I’m checking my emails … the ones in the account I keep for general sexual perversity … and I spot a message about sale items.
Everything in the sale just £9.99

In the sale are corsets, rubber suspended belts, more corsets, bondage dresses, PVC catsuits and more laces and buckles than you could shake a riding crop at. At £9.99 they’re not going to be the highest quality corsets, but FUCK!!! why don’t I have someone I could lavish with such cheap perversions?

18 Responses to “What a waste”

  1. Shall I send you my address? I love to be lavished upon. : )

  2. must be used items?!

  3. Ah, having someone… I feel for you :-/

  4. revealedwoman Says:

    You’re teasing us AM….

  5. I’m away from home and a proper computer with a 3G signal that’s weaker than my Wife!s libido but as soon as I’m not technologically fettered I’ll post some pics.

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