It’s many years since I spent much time under canvass. I used to be a small time Munro Bagger (no you Imaginative Perverts, it’s not dirty!) and always liked to travel as light as possible: a bivvy bag would suit me nicely, or at least nothing more than a small two man tent, and even then, only if I was camping with company. And if the that company was my girlfriend, we’d occasionally pitch our tent half way up a mountain, well off the beaten track, get naked and fuck in the warm evening sun. Sex outdoors is great.

Turn the clock on a decade or two and I’m back sleeping in a tent. Albeit a family tent, surrounded by too many other campers, and my family, and I’ve not got laid in 6 months.
Hey ho. At least the view is awesome and I’m away from the clutter of day to day life.

Having said I like to travel light, I’m out of practice and have packed a little too light: a week away from home, the last 4 days of which is camping, and I’m two pairs of pantsuk short.
Oops. Guess I’ll have to go commando.
At least I’ve got my fleece lined trecking trousers.

Fleece lined trousers.
No underwear.
That’s got me struggling to suppress a constant boner.
And waking up half an hour before anyone else in the campsite, with a view of the sun rising over hills and vales – FUCK I feel horny. It was so hard not to get my cock out and stroke one off with a view of countryside.

10 Responses to “Outdoors”

  1. It would have been a perfect sun salutation.

  2. Why didn’t you find a secluded spot and do just that?! A sunrise is so full of peaceful energy, it must be great to welcome it with a bang!

    • The campsite didn’t have an abundance of secluded spots, other than in the shower block, and it would have been a long walk to find some privacy. But this has got me thinking about tossing off in the sun, and I do have some up-coming time on my hands … Maybe I should take a camera and make use of the auto-timer?

    • I think that would be a very good use of your up-coming time 🙂
      Hope you get to enjoy it!

  3. revealedwoman Says:

    Sounds like my idea of hell – camping, kids and no privacy to indulge 😉

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