How could I?

If I could easily make money from sex, I’m pretty damn sure I would. Setting aside the notorious health risks and the potential problems for privacy and stigma, yes, I’d happily be a porn star. Stunt cock would be pretty cool, though my ego would probably want to take a more staring role. I’d absolutely love to be a cock model for vibrators, though considering the decidedly average dimensions of my member, I think that isn’t a commercially viable prospect. But top of my list of ways I’d be happy to make money from sex is escorting. If I could get paid to fuck … that would be my dream job. And if I were single, I ‘d quite likely be down the gym and buffing up before whoring myself round female CEOs and their make counterparts’ bored housewives.


I don’t have a problem with the principal of sex as a saleable commodity. I did try (unsuccessfully) to get some bookings as an escort many years ago (a story I will doubtless regale you with some other time) and I see no reason why sex and romantic relationships should have to be inexorably bound together. I like sex for the sake of sex, so if someone similarly inclined were prepared to pay me to service their needs (and their cunt), why not? We all need to make a living, and in the past I’ve had it on good authority that I’ve been pretty damned good at servicing the sexual needs (and cunts) of my partners so who’s to loose?

Yes, Dear Reader, in different circumstances I could easily justify making money from sex. But what if the economics are reversed?

After I ruminated on how I have an opportunity to take my first taste of the forbidden fruit (and cunt) offered by an escort / prostitute / hooker / whore, Dawn D raised a some of interesting issues:

Well, what do you have to lose? I mean, if you don’t try it once, you will never know! I’d even say try twice. If it doesn’t work the first time around, it may just be because of the girl, not because you don’t like the idea of love for sale. After all, it’s not really love you want to buy… And it’s not as if you have many other prospects at home :-/
Maybe just to remember what actually holding someone feels like, feeling their flesh under your hand, and all those other very important things in life… I agree it’s probably not what you strive for deep down, but if it’s the only thing you will allow yourself for the time being, then why not go for it?!

What have I got to loose?
In some respects, not very much. But what if I do it and don’t like it. One potential loss is self respect.
That, of course, assumes I don’t get caught. Suppose I engage the services of an escort and somehow word gets out. Then the list of potential losses is catastrophic: Self respect. The respect of my Wife. My home. Financial security. Access to my family, half Our friends. and half Our CD collection!
On the other hand, what of if I do like it …?

Try it once, or even twice.
Why just twice? May West said “Try anything once. Twice if you like it. Three times to make sure.” Whilst I am a fan of Ms West’s stance on many matters, if that isn’t a slippery slope for someone with a latent addictive personality, I don’t know what is. I’m not saying having genuinely awesome sex on regular basis doesn’t appeal. It does. A lot. But it could get a little expensive.

Remind myself what it’s like to feel someone’s flesh
An interesting point which raises several possibilities:
Do I need reminding what it’s like to fuck someone, or what it’s like to fuck someone who wants to fuck me because of who I am and what I do for them, rather than what it’s like to fuck someone who wants to fuck me so she can pay her mortgage?
As I’m sure you will have realised if you’ve read any of my Women I’ve slept with posts, I’ve got a pretty vivid memory of what it was like to fuck every woman I’ve ever fucked. I’m pretty sure I remember what that’s like. Reminding myself if it’s a wholly mutual fuck … would that be possible anyway when I’m only renting a cunt by the hour? And unless you really get to know the whore in question, becoming one of her regulars, I doubt you could easily judge whether she’s really enjoying the fuck. Not if she’s any good at her job!
But … and this is a really big BUT … could having someone else’s hot, wet, tight flesh squeezing down on my swollen, hard, twitching tool inspire me to venture back to my Wife’s loins?


This I think, is the most interesting question. Could fucking another woman make me want to fuck my Wife? I’ve never stopped wanting to fuck, but i don’t really want to fuck my Wife. But I do want to fuck Her, provided She wants to fuck me, AND IF it’s not as emotionally turbulent as it has so often proved to be in the last few years.
Could infidelity be good for my marriage? Could I fuck a stranger? Could it constitute an investment in my relationship? Some might say you have to speculate to accumulate, others would certainly scream abuse at me for even considering it: how could I do such a thing?

All I can say is watch this space and we’ll find out.

10 Responses to “How could I?”

  1. I’ve been doing, “Sex With Strangers,” for the past six months now and so far, it’s working out fine for me. There is no money involved. I was hoping that there might be friendship involved but I don’t think it’s happening. Which is fine. I’m friends with my husband. I think being loved by someone else or loving someone else than him is too much for me to live through. So it works out. It is frightening for a woman. For a man too I suppose.

    You won’t know until you try. Weigh the consequences thoroughly and do what feels the most essential to you.


  2. I don’t have problem in visiting a hooker, but at my age, it’s not possible to make money from sex, unless I’m a director of porn movies!

  3. Wow, a whole post almost revolving around one of my comments?! I’m touched! And sorry I didn’t get to comment sooner. You know, life getting in the way and stuff :-/
    So, to come back on a few of your points…
    I think you only loose self respect if you view the escort as a hooker, for which you seem to have little respect considering the way you write about them. If you see her more as someone willing to provide you with a service, helping you fulfill a need, then there is no self respect to lose.
    Now about your spouse… you imply that she would lose respect for you. I’ll be blunt. She doesn’t know you, and you seem pretty sure that she wouldn’t respect you if she knew of your fetishes and fantasies, which is why you keep hiding them from her. So what respect is there to lose? She doesn’t respect you but only the person you pretend to be when around her.
    As for visitation rights, half of the house and half of the CD collection… I don’t know where she stands, but some people use withdrawal of sex to push their spouse to ‘cheat’ so they can then be ‘the baddie’ and they themselves feel entitled to asking for a divorce, or complain to friends and family. They’re the good guy in this, look how their spouse was treating them… The fact that they are denying their spouse of a basic need (as Dawn stated, and which is what I meant in the later part of my comment) to be touched and shown affection, this is part of the mix. But they don’t tell their friends that.

    *I’m sorry, I have plenty more to say, but I’ve just been given bad news, not in the mood anymore. I hope you will forgive me.*

    • I have more respect for escorts / hookers than may have been apparent. If my language is blunt it is intended more to reflect a distain for many of their clients, and the reality of what many are buying rather than what the escorts are selling.
      Whether or not my Wife knows me is debatable. How many of us really know anyone, or let ourselves be known, be that by friends, partners or online confidents? I make assumptions about Her attitude to fetishism without ever actually asking Her. And to suggest that she has withheld sex, I too am guilty of that these days – neither of us really has the moral high ground on that. And knowing Her as well (or badly) as i do, do I think She is capable of deliberately turning me into the bad guy? I don’t think She has that kind of darkness in her character.

  4. […] was in the middle of writing a comment on one of Accidental Masturbator’s posts when I got the news. I apologise again for never finishing it. I was just not in the mood anymore. […]

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