How many?

Obviously my diatribe against Google censoring porn from my web searches wasn’t what lead them to relent, but I’m so please they have. Admittedly, if you want to see pornographic pictures of, for example, face sitting, it’s better to include the word porn in the search term, but if you do, you can see as much delightful deviancy as you’d like.

So thank you Google, for giving me my porn back.

Having searched Google for face sitting porn it crossed my mind to leave some such smut visible on my laptop for my Wife to find.
(Firstly, by laptop, I mean my computer, rather than the lump of flesh atop my lap. And secondly, yes I know I’ve said I’ve given up on a sexual relationship, but there’s still a small part of me that hopes that somehow my Wife might be encouraged / provoked into proudly releasing Her inner slut. Unlikely, but if you don’t have a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true?)
(And for the record, Dear Skeptic, for me, the word Slut has only positive connotations.)
(Where was I? … Ah yes …)

What if She found some porn I’d carelessly left lying around?
What would She say (assuming She said anything at all)?
Would She challenge me about the subjugation of women by pornography and it’s inherently misogynistic nature? Possibly.
Would She want me out of the marital bed?  Unlikely, but not impossible.
Would She be turned on, drop Her knickers, and demand my face as a cushion? All but inconceivable.

Anyway, a couple of important things struck me as I played with my cock, watching animated gifs of women grinding their pussies down onto willing tongues.


A good proportion of my exes liked porn. And bless them for it.
Although not a dedicated fan, Alice knew I had, liked, and regularly used porn. She was ok with that and from time to time would read the stories shoe-horned between the photo sets in my well thumbed copies of Men’s World.

Geri was an enthusiast, had appropriated some of her ex’s porn collection for her own use (and later our use), enjoyed us looking at porn whilst we fucked, and was more than happy to have her (and our) sexual acts recorded on 35mm and video tape.
Fiona too was a fan. When I decided I needed to rationalise my porn collection, she eagerly accepted a donation of a dozen or more volumes of Club International


And when I told her I’d stumbled upon my flat mates collection of hard core porn videos (as well as one of his own home movies) accepted an invite to come over to my flat to watch them together, after which she asked me to bugger her. Which, of course, I eagerly did.
Sarah and Harvey shared a collection of skin flicks of their own, which she and I watched on their sofa on a couple of occasions> As we did, I slid my fingers in and out of her snatch and she polished my wood.
Admitedly, with the limited number of sexual partners I have had, my survey of women’s porn habbits has not exactly been thorough, but in my experience, at least 30% of women actively like porn.

And then there’s the huge number of participants.
Google, bless them, can once again supply me with hundreds, nay thousands, probably even millions of pictures of women involved in the production of porn. Millions! Admittedly there is no way of knowing what proportion are truly enjoying having a  massive dick rammed up their arse – there’s certainly enough such images of women getting vigorously fucked where you can’t actually tell from their facial expressions whether they’re enjoying the experience or in genuine discomfort. But equally there’s no shortage of images of women who are either damned good at faking it or are definitely enjoying riding some throbbing gristle or milking a cock over their tits.

Either way, there are thousands upon thousands upon thousands of gratuitous pictures of women having gratuitous sex. And I’d estimate that at least 90% of the time, unless you’re looking at a set of photographs from the same photoshoot, or are specifically looking for a particular pornstar, you’d be pushed to find the same woman twice. Which must mean there are one hell of a lot of women who are happy enough to fuck in front of a camera, take a wad of cash as well as a wad of cum, and risk the neighbors seeing their snatch.

Obviously I would be deluded to suggest that deep down every woman likes porn, let alone has a willingness to have sexually deprived strangers wanking over images of them, and there is, I believe, evidence that men are more commonly more likely to be visually sexually stimulated than women. Yet the gender bias is as blurred here as anywhere else. Some women … many women do like porn. And you, Dear Reader, being a fellow pervert, are quite likely a fan of unbridled sexual imagery. (Hey, you might even like your porn stars bridled. Each to their own!)


I dare say Kinsey had some thought on this, but I’m interested to hear yours, Dear Porn Lovers. Gender balance of porn consumers. Discuss.

10 Responses to “How many?”

  1. I watch a few minutes of it regularly. 🙂 makes getting off more efficient.

  2. I don’t know if I’m the average woman, I’m most certain I am not. I *hope* I’m not 😉
    All I can say is that I used to read porn magazines as a teen, get off on them, then watched porn movies when I was old enough to have my own TV, even though I must say that I didn’t really like the hard core ones. Now? I don’t know. I don’t watch it every day, I certainly don’t buy magazines, but I do enjoy looking at other people’s tumblr or such 🙂

    • Dawn, I think you are far better than average!
      With the internet, I see no need to buy magazines. Though there is a certain illicit pleasure to be had from doing so. Would you say reading was/is better than pics/video, and what do you regard as hard core?

    • I don’t know about far better… different would be enough for me, not muddled in the mass if you know what I mean 🙂
      But thanks for saying that!
      I don’t know if reading is better than videos. When your good hand is otherwise engaged, surfing the web can be more difficult than simply turning the pages of a magazine. But then, with a magazine your are restrained to the images on display, cannot find any others that you may prefer… both probably have other pros and cons 🙂
      I should have phrased it better. I’m very much a woman in this instance: I prefer porn when there is some sort of credible storyline. And I don’t like the uniform feel of the porn that I saw on tv lately (last year, I had access to a porn channel and was frankly disappointed ,to say the least, in what I saw. I know, if you don’t pay extra for it, you cannot expect greatness!). I may be a hopeless romantic, or at least have been… I like the softer feel of films like Emmanuelle. But I must say that seeing women in slings did intrigue me 🙂
      Aside from that, I don’t know what to answer to your question…
      Ah, yes, images of rape and other acts of violence where the woman was obviously not consenting have always disturbed me greatly. Somehow, I had a hard time processing that this was fantasy, that the woman in the movie wasn’t really harmed. It still felt like someone, somewhere, could see this and think it was OK to behave like that. I still have physical reactions (gagging) just thinking of the ‘Orange Clockwork’ scene. And it wasn’t even very graphic…

    • I know what you mean about your good hand is otherwise engaged – movies are much better if you want to use two hands too. For photos, I can recommend the re-porn-a-lized Google image search and then using cursor keys – much easier to use left handed than a mouse.
      The other advantage I find with magazines is that I like to kneel when I’m wanking, and it’s most convenient to have the porn right in front of me on the bed: if I get my timing wrong, it’s a lot easier to replace a cum soaked porn mag than clean jizz out of a keyboard!
      I’m not sure where I stand on story. It’s a very long time since I watched Emmanuelle (though I did promise myself a while back I’d transfer my old VHS copy onto the computer) and of the skin flicks I’ve got, I tend to FFWD through the set-up scenes to get to the sex. I’m really looking forward to justifying investment in an Erika Lust DVD – they look like a really good compromise between story, explicitness and high-brow erotica.
      I’m completely with you on how consensual porn looks. If there’s any sense that someone is being coerced or forced, it’s a turn off for me. I know it’s a fantasy for some (my ex, Geri included) and I’ve had fun playing along with that, but it’s difficult for me too to separate porn from the potential of reality.

    • I don’t know what you mean by cursor keys. I use a laptop, so I use the mouespad rathre than an actual mouse. And being a woman, I don’t have any problem with getting my keyboard dirty, unless I carelessly decide to use my soaked good hand to type something. But I can totally understand how it would be more problematic for men 😉

      I know what you mean about FFWD. I probably do the same, especially if it’s a story I’ve seen or read before. But somehow, *knowing* there IS a story makes it different, I can relate to where the characters are in the story when the sex happens…
      Even when I watch pics or gifs, I realise my mind creates stories around them 🙂

    • Cursor keys = arrow keys = left/right/ up /down
      Ha ha – yeah, you’d have to squirt pretty hard to get you laptop dirty.
      I think, rather than creating a story, I transpose myself into the action. Sometimes, if I’m watching a movie and fucking my Fleshlight, I’ll match my thrusts to those on screen.
      (Damn thus is making me horny. Might need to have a wank if I’m going to have a productive day. Slightly complicated by the fact that my Wife’s working from home today. Harumph!(

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