The chicken or the egg?

It’s not often that I have a new sexual experience. But today,

as I tossed myself off, watching a porn film stored on my smartphone, I ejaculated.

Obviously nothing unusual there, you might think, Dear Reader, except that I didn’t have an orgasm.


Yes, I ejaculated.
Not with any great force, but profusely.
Yet there was no build up of tension, no sensation of fire in my cock, no itch behind my balls, no endorphic rush. Just a handful of jizz.
So I grabbed a tissue, hand still stroking, wiped up most of my cum, and carried on til I did feel a build up of tension, a sensation of fire in my cock, an itch behind my balls and an endorphic rush. Accompanied by another handful of jizz.


In the words of many a premature ejaculator, it’s never happened to me before.

So what does it mean?
I suppose, technically, it was premature ejaculation. But I’ve always thought that that meant you orgasmed too soon, and that was not the case: I ejaculated prematurely but had I been fucking, I would still have been eminently capable of thrusting into my partners cunt for just as long as usual.
The other possibility is that it was somehow connected to my prostate issues. I’ll be honest, I’m not particularly knowledgeable about the physiological mechanisms surrounding cumming, but I guess it’s possible.
Or maybe, hopefully, it was just a one off, and it will be both the first and last time I cum first and second.

3 Responses to “The chicken or the egg?”

  1. if this happens too often, you have to deal with it!

    • I’m sure I will. But whilst a single unprecedented occurrence might be worthy of note and limited examination, I see no merit in anything more. If it happens again … well …

  2. This has happened to me, and continues to happen occasionally. It’s no big deal. You either aren’t focussed on your own pleasure, or edging too much (if masturbating), or your partner is making you do ALL the work, and you’re off your game (if having sex).
    I just keeping going ie ’round 2′.

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