False pride

There are conversations we have with friends and family :
It was really buzzing in the pub yesterday. Yes.
We went to see an awesome band last week. Yes.
The best movie I’ve seen in years. Yes
Our holiday was so relaxing. Yes.
We had the fantastic sex last night. I was so wet we had to wring the sheets out. No. No No NO!!!

There are defintely some conversations we don’t have with friends and family.

There are exceptions of course. Lads in the pub can sometimes be heard bragging: She sucked like a Hoover and took it up the arse. But that’s egotistical bravado.
And from time to time you might even overhear women discussing how The pulse setting on my new Lelo blew my mind – you should get one.

But why don’t we talk about sex as if it’s something normal?  We all do it. Or most of you do. We all like it. Or most of us do. And those who don’t like it should probably do it more, and then they might like it more. So why not celebrate it? Be proud to be sexual? Hell, don’t even be proud … just let it be … well … normal.

Many of us are unsure of what is normal – size, duration, predilections. Many of us are wracked with insecurities. And if we just talked about sex more openly, maybe we’d all realise that there really is no such thing as sexually abnormal, and we’d all have much better sex.


Obviously there are legitimate social boundaries that delineate what sexual acts should not be acceptable, what we generally term sexual abuse, but when you consider how often horrific stories populate the media, even if deplorable acts should not be acceptable, can they really be regarded as abnormal? Instinct tells me that if we were socially more open about sex, such things would take place less often: the perpetrators would be more inclined to seek help and the victims would feel safer speaking out.

You surely know, Dear Reader that conversations about sex have been far too infrequent in my own marriage, and it is pretty likely that had we had more, my Wife and I would be getting more … if you see what I mean. So I urge you to take positive actions for the sake of society, set aside your false pride, and the next time you’re sat round the family table tucking in to a Sunday roast, ask your mother if she ever enjoyed a spit roast. You might just learn that you are normal.

11 Responses to “False pride”

  1. revealedwoman Says:

    Haha, love that idea! Tried discussing sex with my friends but no one was prepared to ‘share’. I think my mother would be even less so – or perhaps not!
    So, AM, you advise us to discuss sex…how about you set an example and discuss that very topic with Her. Be brave, what’s the worse that can happen, She goes off in an offended huff?

  2. revealedwoman Says:

    There are a few things below the belt, why don’t you discuss their use with Her?
    (sorry, feeling v naughty today after yesterday’s ‘exercise’ but no one to play with)

    • “A few things below the belt”? I haven’t a clue what you’re referring to. You’ll have to be more explicit.
      Presumably by “exercise” you mean “fucking”. And considering the number of dildos and vibrators I believe you own, can you not play with one of those?

    • revealedwoman Says:

      Being coy does not suit you AM. Do you sleep naked or is that not allowed?

      Ah, the toys are now redundant, I feel I don’t need them anymore and I’d rather wait, it’s worth it (and so am I apparently – *smug smile*)

    • My apologies. I was forgetting myself. I prostrate myself before you, naked, yet again.
      Obviously you were suggesting both my cock, balls and arse, and Her cunt. Yes they all should be played with, far more often, especially the latter, but hey … you know what a disaster area our sex life is.

      Of course I sleep naked. From time to time She seems me getting into bed with a semi, I cannot conceive how She could be oblivious to how my twitching erect member tugs at the bed clothes when I wake almost every morning, and I frequently get out of bed with a vertiginous cock. I suspect She has even been aware of my insomniacal jerking off next to Her in the middle of the night occasionally. You would think all this was hard to ignore, but apparently not.

      I’m disappointed you’re not using your sex toys any more. You have a Skype account, do you not? Would Adam not like to watch you rubbing a vibrator against your clit when he cannot be there to do it himslf? I certainly doubt he’d object to feeling the squirming vibrations of a rampant rabbit in your cunt while he thrust his member into your arse.

      (You’re not the only one feeling v naughty this morning.)

  3. revealedwoman Says:

    Oh, I like a naked man prostrate before me…;)

    Most of the toys have moved to his flat. He took the entire bag on holiday and they were played with in numerous ways (I think he was a little shocked at the bag contents initially but soon recovered).

    Skype is a little difficult to use during the day (he’s at work) and late at night there are three teenagers wandering around – a sexy phone call is one thing but the thought of them hearing me on Skype as I play with my rabbit….perhaps not!)

    • If you like a man prostrate, maybe you should try a little pegging. Something tells me you’d enjoy it.

      I’m glad to hear Adam is getting to enjoy your little bag of delights. As well as your little hole of delights.
      As for the teenagers, does your bedroom not have a door?!

      (Now I’ve already wasted an hour perving online. I’m afraid I must leave you and get on with some work.)
      (Though I may need to have a wank first – just so I can concentrate.)
      (Perhaps I’ll think about Adam and your toys as inspiration.)

  4. revealedwoman Says:

    Please do 🙂
    Meanwhile I have to collect some teenagers from a music festival. Oh joy, tired, hungover, probably smelly and certainly monosyllabic.

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