DLS #15 : Outlaw

It’s been a while since I shared a DLS with you, Dear Reader. So I will amends.

As I sat at my desk, waiting for my computer to churn through some numbers, I picked up my smartphone and thumbed through some porn. I got even hornier, unsurprisingly, and felt like a wank. So I headed for the bedroom, pulled down my shorts and my white Moschino thong, and stroked my already engorged member. It felt good. It felt very good. My hand felt good around my cock. My swollen cock felt good in my hand. My foreskin felt good as I gently stretched it back. The cold air felt good against my exposed glans. The drip of pre-cum felt good as it rose up my shaft and I smeared it over my turgid helmet. This felt good.

As I found a picture I particularly liked …


… I put my phone down and reached for my balls. With the current warm weather, my scrotum is almost permanently relaxed, allowing my nuts to swing. Perfect for wearing my ball weights.

A dilemma presented itself.

I haven’t worn a ball stretcher for a while.
I haven’t had a wank for 3 days.
My sack is in a perfect state for weighting right now.
I really wanted to cum.We’re going round to my in-laws for a big family supper tonight. How naughty would it be to sit there, tight in the knowledge that I had nearly a pound of steel bolted around my genitals?
If I shot my load just now I knew the urge would leave me.

The temptation was too great.
I pulled up my thong (it utterly failed to contain my erection) and my shorts, went back to my study, took out my ball weights from my little wooden chest of naughty secrets, and fastened them around my testicles.

It feels bad not to drain my seed right now. But the stretch feels good. And the thought of a DLS at dinner feels oh so very bad … or good … or bad … or … oh so very very …

[Fuck!!! I need a wank!]

2 Responses to “DLS #15 : Outlaw”

  1. Looking at that photo, i cant help wonder how many hours does this guy workout to keep it up and enjoy it all… 🙂 its good to be at the bottom sometimes! How was supper?

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