Promotion orgasms

In case anyone wonders what I get from occasionally dropping links into my blog for Erika Lust, rest assured I don’t get anything for doing so. Or at least not if you discount the swelling warmth in my crotch I get from thinking that you, Dear Reader, might end up getting a similarly warm swelling, or better still, an electrifying wetness as a result off bringing her skin flicks to your attention.

Anhway, I received an email from Lust Films today alerting me to the fact that tomorrow in Female Orgasm Day.
Female Orgasm Day? How come I’ve never heard of that! I hear you cry. Well it’s because it doesn’t really exist, or not in the way that International Women’s Day, or Breast Cancer Awareness Month does. No, it’s a shameless publicity stunt. But hey! As shameless as it might be I’d dearly love to be dishing out a handful of female organs to celebrate the occasion. But I guess self pitying wankers (sorry – typo) beggars can’t be choosers.

But as so often, I’ve got away from the point I was going to make.
Here’s the text from the email I received to promote the promotion. I hope you find it useful Dear Fellow Porno Lover.

Let’s celebrate the most blissful experience in life: the orgasm. Orgasms aren’t just the higher form of natural pleasure, they relieve tension and help burn calories. So let’s hit the
Big O on the 8th of August for International Female Orgasm Day!
Choose a film from Erika Lust Store to add a touch of spice in the bedroom or learn how to give your wife or girlfriend a toe-curling orgasm she’ll never forget with our fantastic educational videos. Enter the code BIGODAY to get 50% OFF on all digital downloads.


One Response to “Promotion orgasms”

  1. Well, thanks, but I didn’t need to buy porn to get quite a good few Os, thank you very much. And I didn’t even know it was female O day 😉

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