Visibly aroused

A couple of times I know I’ve mentioned my increasing enjoyment of animated porno gifs, and I keep cumming across such images that are worth sharing. Cumming is an entirely appropriate word today as, not only have I been enjoying draining balls with the help of e-rotica, that’s also what my online porno image search lead me to. Figurative and literally. Orgasms.

Not I Images of men ejaculating and women squirting, as you might imagine; they are two-a-penny.   WPms


No. Today I found something not only beautiful and horny, but utterly compelling.

When Willow orgasmed with my dick in her, I would often feel her cunt twitch and rhythmically clench my member. I have even enjoyed similar spasms in my Wife’s quim. But never have I had the joy of actually watching such involuntary reactions to sexual pleasure. Until today. (Thank you thank you thank you Google. How could I ever have doubted you?)

This was the first pulsating pussy I found, and I must have sat transfixed by it for several minutes before I realised I’d stopped stroking my dick.


My curiosity was so piqued, I hunted for more.

Far too many years have passed since i knelt between Fiona’s legs, supporting her knees up around her tits, pulled my cock out of her delicious cunt and eased it through her anus. Far to many years have passed since I thrust my dick into her arse hole matching the rhythm with my fingers in her cunt. Far to many years have passed since I shot jets of cum into her rectum. Far to many years have passed since, having been buggered but remaining unsatisfied, she implored me to make her cum. But despite the many years, I have an irrepressibly vivid memory of rubbing vigorously at her clit till the spasms of her orgasm forced my jizz out of her stretched hole.

Whilst the next image I found shows more repeated muscle contractions, you can see why it reminded me of Fiona and sodomy.


And then, the most joyous of images.
Never have I seen anything quite like this clit. I can’t express how much I’d like to play with a bud so animated. To hold that vibrator. To cause such a reaction. To explore the possibilities. To discover the precise mechanism for triggering such an orgasm. I haven’t the words for that desire.


10 Responses to “Visibly aroused”

  1. Now I want to know if mine twitches likes that. 🙂

    Bises AM!

  2. Reminds me of pictures I took once. Somehow Google decided to put them into a gif (I wouldn’t have the slightest idea of how to do that myself!) and I sat transfixed at the spasms I could see… I’m not sure I kept the images. I’m too worried my kids may stumble upon them…

    • Oh do see if you can find them. Please.

    • I hope this works, I’ve tried a few times replying on the blog with no luck…

      Third times the charm, or whatever you English speakers say (WP ‘ate’ my comment twice already!). This past year has been a year of discovery for me, of my body and how it reacts, its abilities. So this gif was very intriguing. It doesn’t mean that I’m ready to share it with the world 😉

      On Sat, Aug 16, 2014 at 7:23 PM, Accidental Masturbator wrote:

      > Accidental Masturbator commented: “Oh do see if you can find them. > Please. “

    • (Third time lucky.)
      Glad you’re discovering.
      Sad you’re not sharing. (But you have my email address if you change your mind.)

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