They didn’t guess instantly?

Forgive me Dear Reader, for I have been watching mindless drivel on TV. It was late, I was tired, though not quite enough to bed, and my brain had dropped into neutral. When what ever I was watching finished I carelessly just sat through the commercials and got sucked into the next show. It was drivel.

So why mention it?

The offending program was a panel show, with half a dozen F-List celebrities (by F-list I’m being kind) trying to reflect amusingly on random videos pulled from YouTube and the like. It really wasn’t a good show, and what stopped me switching off and having a pre-bed wank is a mystery to me. Until the insipid host said …

Can you tell me why these women are smiling?

The panelists looked baffled, had a few fumbling guesses, until the best they could come up with was the women were getting their feet tickled off camera.

Getting their feet tickled?
Oh come on! Are you just too embarrassed to say you know what you really think?
Will uttering your true thoughts be too outrageous for TV?
Would you be outing yourself as one who thinks of nothing else?
Am I the only one to whom it is blatantly obvious?

The show’s presenter explained.
[Please excuse me if I quote inaccurately.]

These women are a Dutch band called Adam and this is the video for their song Go to go and they filmed it whilst using vibrators. Have another look and see what you think.

… and they rolled the VT again.

Was I really the only one who could spot that these women were cumming while they sang? Maybe it was that I’ve seen Clayton Cubitt’s infamous videos. Maybe it was that I’ve watched more than my share of people cumming on Beautiful Agony. But surely it was obvious that these women had slipped buzzing sex toys into their cunts before the camera rolled? Surely? You spotted it too, didn’t you, Dear Reader?

6 Responses to “They didn’t guess instantly?”

  1. I don’t know if it’s because I’d read your post before watching the video, but I certainly could see it. The little gasps, holding their breath with those big smiles, the look of ectasy at times… damn, *I* felt it!

  2. Now I’m wondering whether they will be performing this song at their next concert 😉

  3. I heard the buzzing. So I kinda put it together with their behavior. O face anyone!

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