I’ve been missing out

Hand job. Blow job. Anal sex. For a guy, all thoroughly enjoyable alternatives to having your cock engulfed by a hot, wet, eagerly reciprocating pussy. And, assuming the owner of the respective hands, mouth, rectum or cunt are indeed eager, one would hope she enjoys herself almost as much. A tit wank is similarly a very horny giggle, with a suitably endowed (and eager) woman. And whilst it did nothing earth shattering for me on the one occasion I tried a foot fuck, I dare say there have been plenty of women who have enjoyed coating their toes with jism rather than nail varnish.


But apparently I’ve been missing out.
I thought my dick had had the honour of being pleasured by every fuckable part of a woman’s body. Although I should add it wasn’t just one woman who pleasured my dick with every fuckable part of her body: Geri was happy to ram her sex toys up my arse but she was never interested in having her own ring violated, and whilst Fiona regularly asked me to pull out of her exquisite quim and spray my jizz over her tits, they were’t really big enough to wrap around my tool. But between Geri and Fiona all bases were covered. Hmmmmmm …….. Or so I thought before today. As I jerked off over online porn this morning I discovered I have been sexually unadventurous and there are body parts into which I have yet to thrust my turgid member.

Who knew you could enjoy an Armpit Wank


… or a Chin Job?


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