An ill wind

To be honest, it’s been a crap few days, due to messy (extended) family business. We got home, watched TV and went to bed.

I woke up with a particularly hard hard-on, felt usually horny, stroked my erection secretly under the covers, and mused on my now 8 month celibacy. I was contemplating getting out of bed when my Wife extended a hand and rested it on my shoulder. That’s the first time in 8 months.

I could have moved, and it was a serious consideration. I was slow, and horny, and She moved first. Her hand moved to my hip, and any doubt that She intended us to have sex disappeared. I still could have moved. I still considered it. Even before I abandoned our sex life, sex was stressful too often.

Me : Why
Her : Because I feel like it. Isn’t that enough?
Me : Probably.
I paused.
Me : But I feel like it every day and it usually comes with it’s own stress.

We both paused, but She did not remove Her hand. Still intentional.

I put my hand on Her arse in the usual way, signalling acquiescence.
She stroked my balls.
I squeezed Her tit and graze a finger across the nipple.

Her : That’s all good … it’s been too long.

She kneeled up suddenly, and momentarily ran a tongue across my stomach before straddling me and aiming Her cunt at my cock.

We fucked.

She came easily. As I’ve said before, even though I know all too well which buttons not to press (no matter how much I’d love to press them, and no matter how confident I am She would love me to do so, if only She could let go of Her inhibitions) I also know which buttons need to be pressed to make Her cum.
She gasped and whimpered. She collapsed forward onto me as I ground up against Her clit. She shuddered, and I felt her pussy relax around my shaft as She exhaled.
She reached for my balls, massaging them firmly, and even edged Her fingertips, apparently knowingly, towards my anus (though Her reach gave out before my enthusiasm).
I’m not sure my will was really in it, but I thrust hard – not having had an opportunity for a wank in almost two weeks, my body needed a purge, even if my mind was … elsewhere? … somewhere? … not quite there?
I came, and for once, She kept stroking my sack and taint whilst I injected my whole accumulation of jizz into Her. (Too often She has stopped at the first spurt of my orgasm.)
We both collapsed.
Hot. Breathless. Sweaty. Juicy … Happy?

Her : I guess it’s because I feel emotionally closer to you than I have recently.
Me :
There was nothing for me to say. Or nothing I felt I wanted to say.
We lay there for a while, wrapped around each other.

Later, as I brewed tea in the kitchen …
Her : How are you doing?
I shrugged.
Her : Ups and downs?
I nodded.

2 Responses to “An ill wind”

  1. Hey, it’s good news! She realised sex can be pleasant, enjoyed herself and recognised it had been too long!
    Now I’m not sure why you seem so ambivalent. Fear of it being a one off, of getting your hopes up just to have them so desperately crashed again?
    Here’s me hoping it will keep happening, and will be satisfying to the both of you.

    • Expectation of it being a one-off? Yes, that’s part of it. But also, having had such a crap few days, whilst I may be horny, I’m not necessarily in the best mood to have sex with my Wife. That requires great care and thought – it is not a stress free experience. With my head where it is just now I need sex that is a release. Vigorous, wanton, uninhibited escapist sex. The sort I have given up hope of ever having again. Making love with that in my mind is a distraction that drags my concentration from where it should be. And at best, stepping back ffom resignation to a life of celibacy is fAr from trivial.

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