Three is not the magic number

Damn I’m feeling horny today.
Yes, even more than usual.
Having fucked my Wife twice in the last couple of weeks, for the first time in 8 months, my lust has predictably gone through the roof.

Yesterday I woke almost as horny, reached for my Wife in bed and She pulled herself deeper under the covers, searching for more sleep.

At breakfast …
Her : How are you doing?
Me : Tired, horny and frustrated.
Her : Sorry. I was just too tired.
Same old story then.

I had a wank mid morning.
Same old story.
But she’d made the bed, folding the blanket in an unusual, yet deliberate manner. When I had wanked, and cum, and cleaned up, and dressed again, I threw the bed covers aside untidily, proper my pillow up against the bedstead, and knocked the box of tissues (usually neatly arranged on Her bedside table) casually onto the floor. And there I left my evidence for Her. My message to Her.

But I was still horny, and a cloud descended over me. Even if She wanted to fuck that night, I knew I wouldn’t be interested. Angst had taken over from desire.

Last night, when I got home late from my weekly sporting appointment, She was already in bed. I showered, admired my semi erect member in the bathroom mirror, and laid my back towards Her in bed. Her hand reached out, but was ignored.

Damn I’m feeling horny today.
Yes, even more than usual.
I started the day with a wank. A good one. And I came both hard and copiously.
My Wife left for work and, inspired by LSAM’s musings in the state of the blogging community I read a few blogs. Some sad. Some scary. Some sexy. Some very sexy. I got my cock out and, sat at the kitchen table with a mug of tea and WP open on my smartphone, I stroked off another orgasm to an image created my Dawn.

I’ve shot my load three times in less than 24hrs and I’m still feeling horny as hell.

And if that wasn’t enough, I was still washing my cock after my second wank today when Cabaret Desire arrived in the post from Erika Lust. I just don’t have time for another wank or to test the new TV’s pornovision feature today.


4 Responses to “Three is not the magic number”

  1. I remember have moments like this. Just nothing can sate you. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I can get quite aggressive and provocative when I’m like that.

  2. First, I want to say thanks for the ping back. My first ever I think 😀

    Then I will address your post. Why do you think that you rejected your wife last night? Do you think it’s a bit of a ‘tit for a tat’ feeling, or rather that you were too worried about all of the psychological aspect of engaging in sex and what if it doesn’t end up the way you would like?

    I’m sorry three is not your magic number. I don’t think it’s ever been mine.
    Hugs OX

    • It sound like 300 is closer to your magic number. Lucky ******!
      If I had a reason for rejecting my Wife it was without the certainty that sex would be on the cards. The fact that She put a hand out promised nothing specific. I was stressed for having felt horny – really horny – for several days, with no release. Our sex has had a considerable potential to create stress for years now, and it is largely this that I have been deliberately avoiding for almost as long.

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