Women I’ve slept with – Pt 11 – Ep 1: A night on the sofa

Many of us have been unfaithful to our Significant Other at some point. Some of us have been part of open relationships. And I confess there were a few months when I was just a horny little fucker who’d stick my dick into any cunt available. Or to be precise, any three cunts. The one ounce of moral credibility I can regain is that despite never having met each other, they all knew I was fucking three women, none of them objected, and none of them had any moral high ground to occupy as, unlike their shared lothario, they were all in relationships at the same time.

Tania had a bohemian little shop near my office, and I bought a couple of things from her. I noticed she had a crash helmet behind the counter and we got talking about motorcycles. We both took the piss out of each other because we thought the other deserved it, which we probably did, but we enjoyed the banter, and before long we got inside each other’s heads. During the warmer months, we’d regularly end up eating our lunches sat on the steps of her store, and would pass the time of day grumbling and joking about work, life, landlords etc, and inevitably we were divulging secrets about our love lives to each other. When I ended up telling Tania about Fiona and Sarah, she diagnosed that I was besotted by Sarah (whilst the relationship was utterly doomed), and that I obviously enjoyed fucking Fiona far too much to stay out of trouble. So she ended up giving me big sisterly advice on women. In return I helped her drown her sorrows when a couple of her boyfriends turned out to be arseholes.

To make ourselves feel better, one evening we decided to go for a slap up meal and booked a table at a local posh restaurant. I don’t recall dressing up, and since I’d never actually seen Tania out of her work clothes, I didn’t know whether she had any, but she wore tight red and white striped trousers and 4″ heels. Bearing in mind she was nearly 6′ tall anyway, this made for quite an impressive site, and as she went for a comfort break between courses, I couldn’t help notice the way she wiggled her arse as she walked away from me.

Telling someone they wiggle their arse really well had got me into trouble once before. (When I say it had got me into trouble, that’s not quite true. I got me deep into Fiona’s pussy, and her mouth, and her arse … and it was fantastic!!! The trouble came later when her husband found out.) So what the hell I was thinking when I told Tania she wiggled her arse really well, I shall never know. Believe it or not, it had never occurred to me to try to get into her knickers, but that’s where I ended up.

We finished our meal (at a civilised pace), paid the bill (and with 3 bottles of good wine between us, it was the most expensive meal-for-two I’d ever paid for), and walked back to her flat. We weren’t in a hurry and I still wasn’t thinking about fucking Tania. Once indoors, we opened another bottle of wine and chilled out to some music on the sofa. I ended up sat with Tania resting her head (asexually) in my lap and pouring her heart out. I commented that she hid behind her haircut, (literally and metaphorically) and it obviously irked her that someone had seen through her disguise.

Maybe that was the turning point, because without warning (or expectation on my part) she kissed me. And it wasn’t a friendly peck on the cheek. There was far more than an undertone of intent in that kiss. But even though it surprised me, a switch flicked in my head and the rest of the night needed no planning.

I think we must have fucked, sucked, licked and wanked each other for 5 or 6 hours, as we certainly never went to bed, and barely left the sofa … except to refill our wine glasses and empty our bladders. On one such trip to the bathroom, Tania called for me to join her, and as she sat naked on the toilet, she spread her legs and said Touch me! So I reached between her thighs and eased a finger into her gushing hole as she pissed over my hand. When you think about letting someone urinate on your hand, for most of us, it doesn’t seem particularly erotic. But at the time it seemed perfectly natural, it certainly want unpleasant for me and, by the look on Tania’s face, there was absolutely nothing unpleasant about it for her either.


Once Tania’s bladder was empty, we returned to the sofa and she knelt between my legs, my turgid cock in her hands, and she asked What do you want me to do? Anything. Having recently been introduced to the wonders of rimming by Fiona, my immediate thought, and my request, was Lick my arsehole. She needed no second bidding.

If you’ve never been rimmed, I can’t recommend it highly enough. It’s a well documented fact that there is an abundance of nerve endings around your anus, and to have a tongue lavishing attention on your back door is quite exquisite. With Tania’s fist gliding up and down my cock, and her tongue gently flashing round my sphincter, I was in 7th Heaven.


Later, as the morning sun streamed in through the window, Tania and I were still at it like rabbits. She was lying back on the sofa, and I was knelt between her legs, balls deep and pounding away at her quim for all I was worth, when I noticed a little blood on my cock. As my tool felt a healthy as ever, my initial thought was that I’d been fucking Tania too hard and had somehow injured her pussy. A couple of strokes later (purely out of momentum, and not a callous disregard for her cunt) I drew Tania’s attention to the bleeding. She swore loudly and repeatedly, pushed me away and, clamping her hand over her crotch, made a dash for the bathroom. Obviously her period had started whilst we were fucking, and whilst this did not bother me (I’d have happily finished us both off) Tania was not so inclined. But we had been interrupted at an inopportune moment, and having found her in the shower, it was clear Tania still needed resolution, so I joined her under the steaming jets of water, clamped my mouth around one of her tits (which was met with approval), slipped a finger up her bum (which was met with even louder approval) and strummed on her clit till her knees buckled and she had to support herself against the wall, panting and repeatedly calling me a fucking bastard.

We regained our composure and dried ourselves off, and returned to the sofa for moment of relaxation. Suddenly I realised the time. I was supposed to be catching a flight for a lads weekend in the hash cafes and red light district of Amsterdam. I’d not expected to spend the night at Tania’s, and I had none of the essentials with me: no weekend luggage, no Guilders (this was before the Euro), and most importantly no passport or ticket for the flight. Moreover, I had almost no time to get home to collect them.

I don’t think I’ve ever got dressed so quickly, and Tania laughed all the while. Dashing out into the street, I jumped in the first taxi that passed, and explained to the driver that I’d just had an unexpected sleep-over and was late for a flight for a weekend of sex, drugs and rock’n’roll. He was obviously a man of the world, told me not to worry and offered me a hugely discounted rate to cross the city, pick up the necessaries from my flat and make it to the airport in time.

Find out if I made it to Holland in the next debauched episode : Play things

2 Responses to “Women I’ve slept with – Pt 11 – Ep 1: A night on the sofa”

  1. great to see that you had a fucking good time !

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