Women I’ve slept with – Pt 11 – Ep 2 : Play things

When I ran out of Tania’s flat at the end of A night on the sofa, my fingers still bearing the lingering perfume of Tania’s pussy, I was late for a flight to Amsterdam, the European destination of choice for libertarians with a taste for coffee houses and brothels. Fortunately I had dived into a taxi who’s driver was sympathetic towards my plight and he was good for his word and he got me, and my passport, to the airport in time. I met up with the boys and we embarked on exactly the sort of weekend you’d expect for a bunch of guys in their early 30s in Amsterdam: we chilled in the cafés, browsed the sex shops and porno cinemas of red light district, two of the lads paid for a little company (though they were both quite disappointed by the value for money) and a couple of us even packed in a little culture at the Museum Of Modern Art, including a gloriously sexual Robert Crumb exhibition.


All weekend obscene text messages bounced between Tania and me. At one point Tania posed a question that seemed to seek confirmation that our night on the sofa had actually taken place. My response was yes, there was definitely some cock-cunt interfacing, which met with both amusement and approval. I had no regrets, and thankful neither, it seemed, did Tania.

On our way back to the hostel on the last night with one of my fellow debauchees, souvenirs were discussed. I mentioned I’d been dispatched with a shopping list, courtesy of my three current fuck buddies (though I was discrete enough not to brag about how many women were involved). As we walked past a sex shop, my companion asked if wanted to do my shopping alone, and we agreed that was probably best.

My shopping list was as follows:
Sarah had asked me to take her back something sexy so I bought her a pair of Ben Wa balls (I gather more recently popularised by 50 Shades Of Grey under the name of Jiggle Balls), though I was very tempted to get her labia jewellery.


Porn for Fiona, in the form of a hardcore German VHS, judging by the cover featuring some FMF anal scenes.


And a strap on vibrator for Tania.


Partly I wanted to give her a vibe for herself, but having just enjoyed her licking my sphincter, I really wanted her to penetrate it.

When I returned to home shores, all three gifts were eagerly accepted. Though disappointingly I somehow never got to enjoy any of them myself.

Not that that marked the end of my affair with Tania.

Just a week or so later, I was relaxing on the sofa in front of some mindless TV show. The phone rang. It was Tania: she was both slightly drunk, and frisky and after brief felicitations, the conversation turned to sex. Surprisingly this was one of the few occasions I have ever had phone sex that I can actually remember in any detail. She was quite demanding, and when I told her I was getting a hard-on, she brusquely insisted I got my cock out, tug myself off and talk dirty to her. I hate to disappoint, so vigorously fucked my fist, commentating on my wanking and telling her what I’d like to do to her cunt, before shooting my load over myself and the sofa.

With hindsight it’s apparent that I was, to an extent, becoming Tania’s play-thing, a sex toy to be used when she needed pleasuring. Only a few days passed before another late night phone call,
Tania : I need a good, hard fuck
,,, and then she berated for not being able to satisfy from the far side of the city.
Me : Hold that thought – I’ll be round in 20 minutes.
Without waiting for a response I hung up the phone. Although her flat was 9 miles away, across the busiest part of the city centre, and it would take me a couple of minutes to change into my motorcycle leathers, I knew the route well, the roads would be clear, and I’d be unlikely to have trouble with police objecting to my speed at that time of night. In the end I pressed the entry buzzer for her flat less than 19 minutes later.
Tania : So what the fuck do you think you’re doing here?
… she chided over the intercom. But the tone in her voice said she knew exactly what she required me to do. Having made my way up to her flat, she opened the door and as soon as it closed behind me she pulled her short silk dressing gown open, putting her hands on her naked hips, and accusingly said
Tania : You’re a bit presumptuous, aren’t you? I suppose you think you’re going to get a fuck?
Me : Well that is why you called me.
She snorted with derision, turned and flounced off into the living room. When I followed her I was instructed to pour myself a drink and sit on the sofa, whilst she sat opposite and we chatted of asexual things. The signs were a little mixed. Had she lost her resolve? Was I out of luck?

Eventually Tania announced she was off to bed, and as she strode off, she told me there was a spare toothbrush in the bathroom if I wanted it. Uncertain of Tania’s intentions, I went for a piss and to brush my teeth. When I left the bathroom I found the entire flat in darkness.
Me : Where am I going now?
A carefully ambiguous question?
Tania : Wherever you want: home, the sofa, in here?
Bingo! My vague question had paid off – going to bed was still on the cards, and I still hadn’t had to play all my cards.
Me : I meant it’s dark and I can’t see where I’m going.
A pause … Tania’s bedside lamp was switched on, light bleeding into the hall from her doorway …
Tania : Now get your arse in here!
I grinned in the gloom, and headed for the bedroom.

As I undressed, Tania pulled back the duvet to reveal her naked body.
Tania : You know it’s not good to keep a girl waiting.
Me : Hey! It only took me 19 minutes to get here.
Tania : Well I’m going to need a longer ride than that.
Ok. That’s Tania laying her cards on the table and it looks like she held a royal flush all along.
We snuggled up, and my hands started wandering. She was quite passive, and other than writhing gently under my touch, all but ignored my presence. No foreplay for me. My fingers ran up her in her thigh to her thick, dark bush and I casually posed the question that came to mind.
Me : Do you ever think about shaving your pubes?
This was a bad card to play!
Tania : Why do men just want sex with prepubescent girls?!
The question was spat.
In my defence, although I was not in the regular habit of artistically shaping my own pubes at the time, they were always cut short and I shaved my balls at least once a week.
Me : I don’t mean completely shaved. I like some hair, a landing strip, but being smooth makes sex so much better.
My defence fell on deaf ears. Whilst I had stopped stroking Tania’s quim, she hadn’t moved my hand, so I tried to make amends by starting to masturbate her again. As I ran my fingers between her lips and around her clit, she arched her back bringing her tits towards my face, so I fastens my teeth around a nipple and flicked at it with my tongue. This was obviously going some way to atone for my hairy indiscretion. As she started to buck with my hand buried knuckle deep in her cunt, inspired by her previous anal appreciation, I lubed a finger with her pussy juices and eased it to wards her arsehole. She pulled her knees up, inviting me onwards, and after a few gentle circles, feeling her sphincter relax, I eased a finger in, manually DP-ing her till her orgasmic spasms subsided and her sheets were soaked from her pleasure. But that was it. My needs were neither questioned nor sated. Tania rolled over and went to sleep whilst both I and my erection were left staring at the ceiling. I had hoped that with Tania having had the use of my hands, I might at least have the use of her cunt, or better still her new strap-on, but no.

The atmosphere next morning wasn’t exactly chilly, but nor was it amorous or flirtatious. We dressed, pecked each other’s cheeks, and went to work.

Not long after, Tania found her dream man. (Or at least he was certainly her dream man at the time. I have no idea how long he remained so.) Obviously my sexual services were no longer required, and our relationship became all but platonic once more.

Of course there are varying degrees of platonic relationship: was it entirely platonic that I was requested to accompany Tania to a piercing studio?

When we’d fucked, Tania had both been fascinated by my nipple piercing (which I had had done at the same time Sarah had had her navel pierced) and had enjoyed playing with it. Inspired by this, she asked me to recommend a piercing studio and hold her hand while she got both her tits bejewelled. Naturally I accepted. It was a surreal experience watching another man handle her breasts, clamp her nipples with forceps, and push a needle through them both. Tania was Amazonian in stature (albeit with a well balanced rack) and as I (literally) held her hand and the needle punctured her tits, her grip was forceful to say the least. The needles having been removed, Tania chose to have time replaced with gold ball closure rings – I have to say she looked magnificent and I longed to play with them.


But knowing all to well how tender they would be for a couple of weeks, and how loved up she now was, this sadly seemed unlikely. Not that a few weeks later I wasn’t regaled with tales of how she loved how they looked and the newly amplified pleasure she enjoyed when her beau toyed with them.

But our play-time had passed.

There was, however, one small and unexpected caveat to this story.

At around the time I Fiona stopped fucking me in favour of her regular squeeze, Sarah emigrated and got married, and Fiona emigrated with her (asexual) husband. Thankfully I was not left for long without the hope of access to pussy, as I started dating my now Wife. (More of that in a future episode of Women I’ve Slept With.) My Now Wife had met Tania, Sarah and Fiona, (although She had no knowledge of their carnal knowledge of me) so She was not surprised when Tania invited us to an Anti-Valentine’s party at the flat of Bernadette, her best friend.

Much like Tania, Bernadette neither suffered fools nor took prisoners (especially male ones), so the fact that she knew I’d been servicing her friend made me fair game. Which was fine – I’ve got thick skin, little shame, and am happy to give as good as I get.

At the party, the time came to leave my Now Wife chatting with strangers and head to the kitchen to top up our glasses. There I found myself alone with Bernadette, and we chatted nonchalantly, about what I have no memory. Then, without warning ….
Bernadette : So you like getting your arsehole licked?
I don’t know how obvious my shock was, and I don’t think I actually spat my drink across the room, but I was certainly lost for words. I knew I was no secret, but it had never occurred to me that Tania would kiss and tell in such horrifyingly intimate detail. I muttered something about how Bernadette really shouldn’t know that and headed back to the party, my rimming never to be mentioned again.

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  1. I’m surprised you didn’t reply calmly, “Don’t you?”

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