Making yourself wait

Masturbation. Wanking. Touching yourself. She bop. Rubbing one out. Bashing the bishop. Jilling off. Five knuckle shuffle. Spanking the Monkey. Self love. Flicking the bean.
We all do it. (I say that in the confidence that if you’re reading this blog, you spend plenty of time with your fingers either wrapped tightly around your own cock or slipping in and out of your own cunt.)

As I read Escape Into My Mind‘s description of pleasuring her pussy, it struck me that there’s something unique about masturbation.

We tease ourselves.

You don’t get half way through a plate of boeuf bourguignon only to make yourself start again.
You don’t run for the bus, and just as you can see it arrive at the bus stop pauseย  … so you have to run like crazy to catch it just before the doors close.
You don’t walk half way round the Louvre and think I’m not going to see the Mona Lisa yet. I’ll go back to the last gallery and go a little more slowly.


But when we’re playing with our genitals, working diligently towards our orgasm, I think it’s safe to say that every once in a while we all break the rhythm. We stop. Deliberately building the yearning. The desire. Pile another few slabs of rock on the cliff top, just so the jump is more dramatic. And then start again, with greater purpose. Striving towards the big O.

Yes. Masturbation is unique. And special. And fun. And as I head the bedroom to tease myself right now, I hope you are too.

18 Responses to “Making yourself wait”

  1. I always start with panties on. I like to coax myself. As if I could refuse myself anything ever. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Meat-beating Bisous,

  2. do that when I feel stressed ! how about you?

    • Sometimes when I’m stressed I’ll toss myself off, and often it helps. Whether or not I consciously make the wank last longer or not, I don’t honestly know.
      That said, sometimes when I’m stressed, jerking off just doesn’t appeal.

  3. That dramatic jump is the goal, now sometimes elusive or insufficient. In search of remedies and inspirations! On the other hand, that is my favourite version of the Mona Lisa!

    • Damn, that sounds complicated.
      I heard a rumour that Lisa’s infamous enigmatic smile came about because she got bored sitting for Leo and rubbed one out.

      (Ok, I made that up, but it might have happened.)

  4. I didn’t have time to read this before now.
    Yes we do that, don’t we?
    Though I remember a time when I wouldn’t dream of doing that for fear of not getting there at all.
    Now, well, I guess it’s not so much a problem any more…

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