The PMRC Filthy Fifteen

When I briefly mentioned She Bop in Making yourself wait I googled the song (I like to do my research, y’knonw, Dear Reader.) and amongst other things I learned about it was that it was featured in the Parents Music Resource Center’s gloriously naive Filthy Fifteen. Published back in 1985 it listed the top fifteen songs that should be banned because

of their presumed subject matter.

Prince Darling Nikki sex, masturbation
Sheena Easton Sugar Walls sex
Judas Priest Eat Me Alive sex
Vanity Strap on Robbie Baby sex
Mötley Crüe Bastard violence
AC/DC Let Me Put My Love Into You sex
Twisted Sister We’re Not Gonna Take It violence
Madonna Dress You Up sex
W.A.S.P. Animal (Fuck Like A Beast) sex
Def Leppard High ‘n Dry drug and alcohol use
Mercyful Fate Into The Coven occult
Black Sabbath Trashed drug and alcohol use
Mary Jane Girls In My House sex
Venom Possessed occult
Cyndi Lauper She-Bop sex, masturbation

As much as I admire the PMRC’s intention of preserving the innocence of children, things have moved on since then I can’t help but think they’ve not exactly been diligent.

If we’re talking about Madonna, what to they think Justify my love is about, or I touch myself by the Divinyls, or Turning Japanese by the Vapors, or Pictures of Lilly by The Who, or Push it by Salt and Pepa, or Pull up to the bumper by Grace Jones, or … or … or … I could go on, but with all this filthy music I’m mildly aroused and feel an uncontrollable desire to go and abuse myself. Err … ok … I see there point.

2 Responses to “The PMRC Filthy Fifteen”

  1. next time when I fuck, would love to play these songs in the background !

    • Now that raises an interesting question:
      What’s good music to fuck to? Speed metal for a quickie? Barry “The Walrus of Love” White when you wanna make sweet luuuuurve? Does James Brown inspire you to get up and do your thing like … like … like a sexmachine? Does porncore get you in the mood to act like a pornstar? Or perhaps some R Kelly when you need a little bump and grind?

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