Permission to perv

Something has bothered me for quite a while, and at the same time I have felt awkward about being bothered by it.

I’ve always thought of my blog as not just another sex blog and that’s something I’m quite proud of. Granted, I think every post I’ve written has been about sex in some way, shape or form, but I like to think there’s a bit more depth than that. A bit more substance. I like to think that mine are not just the inane ramblings of a sex-junkie who doesn’t get laid as often as he thinks he should and is pissed off at the world for dealing him what he regards as a crap hand. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think there’s anything of earth shattering importance going on round here – let’s face it, it’s just a blog – but I like to think that in some tiny way, it embodies just a little of the Reithian principal: educate, inform and entertain. Educate is probably over stretching things a little, though the comments I’ve received suggest I have spread at least a little information of value, and  I would be disappointed if I didn’t entertain or amuse at least occasionally. Whilst Lord Reith almost certainly would not have approved of my openness about my sexual depravity and deprivation, perhaps he might have had some sympathy with my approach to broadcasting.

Although I’ve not reviewed as many sex toys as I once intended (let’s face it, Dear Readers, some of you have far more numerous collections than I) I stand by the value of publishing my thoughts on the Fleshlight and Monkey Spanker. (It seems even the manufacturer of the latter thinks there is some value in my thoughts, though sadly not enough to say thank you, or to offer one of their new, up market masturbation toys for review.) Finding independent reviews of wank toys can be a challenge and I hope those considering which lump of plastic they’d like to stick their lump of gristle into have found them useful.

My Fleshlight and Monkey Spanker reviews are two of my most consistently read posts, the third being about ball stretching, and it’s gratifying that I might be demystifying this kink a little. BUT! This my most read post and this is where I start to feel uncomfortable.

My blog is not about sex toys, or CBT. Yet these posts attract more web traffic than anything else I write.
Considering this is just one of over 340 posts to date, it has generated 10% of my blog’s hits, and 15 times more than any other not about toys. I’m flattered that people want to read it, but my blog is not about ball stretching and as much as I’d like to think those who read that post might go on to read much more of blog, I somehow doubt it.

So at least in the short term, I’m closing public access to that post. It still exists, and is still readable, you just have to ask for the password, and more importantly (just as with my Members Only posts) be a Regular Reader.

16 Responses to “Permission to perv”

  1. My guess is it’s because of google. I get a ton of stuff on nipple torture, but that’s not at all what I’m about either. Damn google. Xoxo to you and your stretched balls!.

    • Thank you … from the bottom of my scrotum.
      Google has it’s uses. At least they’ve relented on images searches for porn. And I’m happy for my blog to be found via google – it’s just the disproportion.

  2. Oh well, I don’t have that problem! Closing your blog to Google and other search engines means it’s much less likely to happen 😉

    • There are a lot of hits I’m very happy to get via Google, though I’d like to be able to filter the sort of search terms that send folk my way: there are some worrying people out there!

    • Wow! Worrying people?
      Yes then, you are right to shut it off.

    • You’ve seriously got to wonder about someone who searches for “She cut my nut sack open to see my balls” or “daddy forces son to masturbate with Fleshlight”. And having dug down through the fetid list of search terms for those gems, I’m actually astounded how what proportion of hits my blog gets as a result of searches on ball stretching. I may yet consider de-googling my site … if it is reversible.

  3. I won’t think much of it. I think you have an easily searchable term that pulls people in. Maybe they’ll stay and maybe they don’t. I’m sure it gives them a reason to stay which is an excellent use of searchable terms.

  4. I’ve opted out of the search engine options within my own blog, like you some of the hits I was getting were a little strange. Figured that would help with some of the weird traffic I had coming my way and for the most part it has. 🙂

  5. Just for me – You have been much more than a “regular” blog. You do inform and your mind is wonderful. I enjoy the realism you bring and your heart comes through AM. It always has. It’s the heart of you as a man who wants what you want. The underwear are fantastic ONLY because you love them. The toys are fun only because you enjoy them. The real issues you dig into makes you human and makes you lovable. That’s my perspective. I’d feel the same if you wrote about other things I never heard of. xo, J

  6. They say a picture paints a thousand words. Well this one certainly does!


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