Something odd just happened

There’s been a slight change of form in Tales From AM’s Bed recently. It’s quite likely that, up until my Wife’s latest rediscovery of sex, I had documented almost every time we fucked since I started blogging. The change is that I think there have been several occasions recently when we’ve had sex, or have failed to have sex, or I have made a point of avoiding having sex that I have not documented herein. The latter, I should add for the usual reasons – it brings with it stresses I don’t need.

Confronted, yet again, by the prospect of a bout of insomnia again in the last couple of days, this morning found my Wife and I both awake before the little hand was on the 5. Enough time before the alarm clock woke up that many a normal couple would have made the most of in carnal practices.

Oh. Hang on.
What’s this?
Some normality in our bed?

What d’ya know, Dear Reader. She made Her move for sex.

I won’t bore you with the details, not least of the difficulties She faced, nor the frustration that I faced. Suffice to say, I fucked, and I came, and then as we disentangled, I rolled over and wished I could get myself back to sleep.

My Wife was obviously unsated and as She spooned up behind me I feigned the heavy breathing of one no longer conscious. As much as I love masturbating women, I’m sorry Dear Reader, I couldn’t be bothered. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to, I just didn’t want all the emotional crap that was likely to go along with don’t do that or not there or I’m too ticklish or any of the myriad obstacles that too often present themselves to me. I couldn’t be bothered. And eventually She gave up.

And then something odd happened.

Many years ago, when my Wife and I had barely started sleeping in the same bed, the topic of conversation briefly touched on masturbation. She asked how often I wanked. At the time it was probably an average of 10-15 times a week … but I lied: I said 2 or 3 times a week. I reciprocated the question. If I’m honest, I don’t remember Her exact answer: was it occasionally? It was something like that. But reading between the vocal tones it was apparent She was lying too: I suspected (and still suspect) a more accurate answer would have been I have done, 2 or 3 times.

This morning something odd happened.

I have rarely made any attempt to hide my night time and early morning erections from my Wife, and having mused some time ago about wanting to get caught wanking by my Wife, in the last few weeks I have been jerking off whilst lying next to Her more often. It may be regarded as being dishonest, or manipulative, but I have made a point of tugging myself off in a way that might be noticeable, but might also suggest I am trying to not get caught. But the twitching of the sheets is (and is intended to be) a bit of a giveaway.

This morning something odd happened.

As I curled up into the duvet, with my back to my Wife, She rolled away. She was obviously frustrated. Sexually. And probably emotionally. And for a brief moment, there seemed to be subtle but vigorous movements transmitted through the bedclothes. As if a hand were moving quickly backwards and forwards. Rubbing something. A few moments later my Wife reached for a tissue from beside the bed, but She didn’t blow her nose on it. And then She rolled over and I went to sleep.

I can’t be certain, but something odd seemed to happen this morning.

Post script

After breakfast, as we waited for the thunder of tiny little footsteps to head out of the front door and off on the school run …
Me : Did you get back to sleep.
Her : No. You did though, didn’t you?
Me : Yes.
Her : I though that that might be the solution. [a kiss] Have a good day. [exit stage right and door closes]

4 Responses to “Something odd just happened”

  1. Accidental, don’t take this the wrong way, because I love you buddy, but sometimes you are the MOST frustrating, irritating blogger I know and I want to reach through this screen and across the ocean and smack you in the face! All out of love and concern of course.

    I’ve been thinking about the 2 of you lately, and I was wondering, how old is your wife? Don’t feel that you have to answer, but I’ve been doing some research on women and their libidos and I was curious.

    Anyway, you know me, my advice has not changed in nearly 3 years… Talk to her man!! *hugsandkisses*

  2. Has she (or you) considered some kind of sexual counseling? Just curious.

    • Yes. It’s been mentioned on various occasions. But just as my intimation of a desire for sex is inevitably destined for frustration, I see no likelihood of it happening until She decides it is something She positively intends to do. It may sound defeatist, but the best I can hope for is that consistently crap sex catalyses Her resolve. Unfortunately the big hole in that plan is the need for us to have sex regularly enough for anything to be consistent.

      Defeatist (of Suburbia)

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