El Diablo

When I suggested a few possible styles for pubic topiary back in Bolocks!!!!!, there were several voices amongst your number. Dear Reader, who suggested I should go for an El Diablo. At the time it was an aesthetic that I really wanted to try. Every time I’ve noticed my under carriage getting over grown since, I’ve said this time, this time I’ll getting an El Diablo, and every time, when the beautician has asked The usual landing strip?. I’ve bottled it and said Yes.

But over the last few weeks, my resolve has built. And built. And built. I can’t say why. I can’t imagine it’s been related to our recent sexual renaissance, and subsequent, inevitable recession – hell, we’ve been here before and only on one occasion did I shave all my pubes off is an act of pseudo rebellion.

But somehow, this time, was the right.
Beautician : Are we doing the usual?
Me : I’d like a little more shape this time please.
Beautician : Ok. What would you like?
Me : I’d like a V shape at the front this time please.
And she donned her gloves, took hold of my cock with one hand, and wiped all round my genitals and crotch with a cleansing wipe, before smithing hot wax over my pubes.

The front done, she asked me to turn over and get in to all fours. It seemed she was slightly more diligent about removing every single hair from my crack than usual, reaching for the tweezers to wrench some of the more stubborn hairs around my arsehole.

Beautician : Ok. You can relax now. You can turn back over and check we’ve got the right size and shape.
It wasn’t what I had in mind. It was just a Bermuda Triangle, not El Diablo.


I explained.
Me : Can you take the middle out of the V please.
I placed a couple of fingers over the fuzz to show her what I meant.
My guess is this came as a little surprise, as although there was no change in the tone of her voice, she went to some lengths to check she had understood me correctly, and placing two waxing spatulas in a V just above my cock, reiterated what I had just explained. I’ve seen women with bushes trimmed into shapes other a landing strip, but I guess for men it’s uncommon even amongst those of us who depilate.

And this is what we ended up with.
What do you think, Dear Reader? Does it meet your expectations? Is it a good look?


Please excuse the pixelation, but I realise not everyone wants to see my cock over breakfast.

18 Responses to “El Diablo”

  1. Well… you know what I think about removing or shaping of pubic hair… So I’ll say this looks does nothing for me, but I wouldn’t consider my opinion too much if I were you πŸ˜‰

  2. Personally I enjoy cock for breakfast. Interesting design. Not sure how I feel about it though.

  3. I don’t mind cock for breakfast, at all. But when it comes to pubic manscaping, I prefer a trim but that’s it. I don’t like it as much when a guy is shaved. But…it doesn’t stop me from doing anything…just my preference.

    • A unanimous No so far.
      Hey ho.
      (I wonder who the hell it was that thought they’d like it?)

    • Well I don’t like guys shaved at all. Might feel good for an afternoon, but stubble is really uncomfortable.

      I don’t wax either. I used to, but it wreaked havoc with my sensitive skin. So now I trim closely and ensure my bikini line is smooth. And my personal belief is a woman is not meant to look like a little girl.

    • I’ve heard the “little girl” argument many times, and I honestly don’t believe that that’s what is desired by men who like pussies shaved. The same men in arguably like women in push-up bras, which makes them look less like “little girls”. Equally, I’m confident that many of women who object on these grounds still shave their legs and arm pita, which kind of undermines the argument.
      Body hair is invariably seen (in western culture at least) as a masculine trait. And I believe that it is this that is what attracts men to shaved or waxed pussies.
      As I’ve discussed before, I like some hair, but am not a fan of pubic forests on women or (unsurprisingly) men. But from my careless gazes around the g changing room, I think I’m unusual in that respect. (And since first getting waxed, stubble is very much a thing of the past for me.)

    • Hey, that’s two of us. I think my approach is fairly similar to yours Ann!

  4. I think the V should have been wider. Right now it looks more like bunny ears. Which is cute, don’t get me wrong. Also… because you don’t have that much hair up top, the shape is harder to see. It’s fun though… πŸ™‚

  5. I like it! It would be better if the hair at the top was thicker but you can definitely see the devil horns shaping.

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