The art of oral sex

A while back I mentioned one of my favorite (not quite) porno websites – Beautiful Agony – a portal for liberated pervs to share videos of themselves masturbating to orgasm.

WPba007The twist is that the videos only ever show their faces, though that in itself is surprisingly erotic. (Just take a look at either of these videos to see what I mean.)
Play FLV  or Play MP4
Play FLV  or Play MP4

Anyway, this morning I fancied some visual stimulation to tug myself off to, and the search term that found it’s way into my web browser was blow job. And I found something quite interesting.

It turns out that Beautiful Agony isn’t exactly a new idea, and Andy Warhole made a similar film in 1964. (Incidentally, I’m not suggesting that the owners of Beautiful Agony were aware of this when they had the idea, nor that they are in any way trying to plagiarise Warhole’s work. After all, Darwin wasn’t the only scientist who independently formulated theories about evolution – it was just that he published his first.)

This YouTube version seems to be significantly edited running at about 8min, and acording to the respective Wikipedia article the full version is 35 minutes long. (There is a longer version online on Vimeo, lasting nearly 27 minutes.)

Initially I though that’s one hell of a blow job – either the film is not of a real blow job, or the person sucking isn’t very good, or the guy getting sucked needs an awfull lot of stimulation before he shoots his load, but then I read a bit of background info on the film. (I’ll let you read the whole story on Wikipedia at your leisure.) It seems Warhole decreed that the film should play at ⅔rds the speed it was shot at. Whcih makes a little more sense, though it still means the blow job lasted around 23 minutes. Sadly Guinness don’t list the longest ever blow job (yes, I checked) but I have to take my hat off to any woman that can suck on a cock for 23 minutes without getting cramp in her jaw. She must truly be one of the finest exponents of the art of fellatio.

2 Responses to “The art of oral sex”

  1. I loved the gent’s video. Very erotic watching someone receive pleasure without seeing the act. Just knowing is hot.

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