Shows what I know

Never let it be said that I can’t admit I’m wrong!

It turns out

my Wife IS wearing my favourite underwear.
Well, not my FAVOURITE favourite underwear, obviously that would be the purple rubber corset with matching stockings and opera gloves.


And not even my favourite of HER underwear, because that would be the infamous red torsolette.


But She is at least wearing the red bra and panties that match it.

Rest assured, Dear Reader, I diligently managed to ignore it when She got dressed this morning, but I do feel an urge to gratuitously stroke Her lace clad arse as She gets changed into Her posh frock.

19 Responses to “Shows what I know”

  1. Sooo, will this change your resolve as well?

  2. MySideOfTheStreet Says:

    Don’t let pride get in the way, my dear.

  3. If she’s wearing that, considering all the ways that you’ve described her, she’s trying, right? And, it has to be for you and you only : )

    • And I agree here as well 😉

    • For me? For us? But yes, She’s trying.
      Call me a pessimist, but the test is where we will be in a fortnight it a month.

    • I just saw this saying today – “Forever is made of Nows”. It made me think of my own outlook because what we think , we perpetuate. It’s difficult to be positive and hopeful after patterns have been ingrained into a relationship, no? Then again, as someone mentioned before, the one you love has some things of her own to address and that’s another layer of ingrained patterns of thought to understand and overcome if she wants to change. I saw another saying that resonated with me too – Accept or change. It stuck out to me because I get caught in the understanding of “it” but those 2 choices are the only two possibilities…no – there is also denial but I guess that’s really acceptance. I do that too. Anyway AM, I’m always rooting for you because it’s clear that you love her. You love with the heart of 10 men AM. xo, Jayne

    • Accept was my chosen option.
      But someone keeps moving the damned goal posts.

    • Yeah. I hate those people.

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