Rubber – What and when?

When you think of rubber and sex, (other than condoms) what’s the first image that pops into your head, Dear Reader?
Unless it is your fetish of choice, I’ll wager it’s something like this …


But pervy latex is so much more than black gimp suits.

Between email conversations with, and comments from some of you, Curious Readers, it seems many of you have at least some unfulfilled interest. Whilst I am not exactly an expert rubberist, I’ll do my best to offer an insight.

Let’s start with how I got into latex?

My first exposure to the idea of fetish-wear was on a lads’ holiday at around the age of 20. Much as porn mags are de rigueur on such occasions, someone had brought along a catalog from a fetish shop. This was in the days before the internet was in every home, when fetish-wear never reared its hooded head in popular culture, and even licensed sex shops usually kept their kinkier catalogs under the counter. Not only that, the images therein were drawn rather than photographed.

The booklet in question featured bondage items like leg spreaders and body harnesses …


…. S&M toys like nipple clamps and gas masks …


… as well as corsets, bras and the like in varying weights of rubber.


Everything fetish a pervert could dream of.

For some reason the items that lodged most firmly in my memory were the selection of rubber briefs. There were just plain rubber briefs, but also pairs with built-in sheaths and dildos for every possible combination of dicks, cunts and rectums and these were sold under the title of Dancing Pants


I can still only guess why they were so named, but I was intrigued by these fascinatingly kinky clothes. Having only rarely entertained thoughts of anal sex at the time (the closest I ever came to having even a finger up my hole was with Alice, and she declined my request), I can’t actually be sure whether my interest was piqued by the fabric or the phalluses, but piqued it certainly was.

Although the porn mags I tossed myself off over occasionally featured models clad in leather, PVC or sometimes even rubber, these fabrics didn’t cross my mind with any degree of regularity over the next few years. That said I did randomly buy one copy of the fetish magazine Shiny International a year or so later (the two elderly women behind the counter in the unassuming newsagents seemed really quite excited to be selling something so blatantly kinky to a lad in his 20s) and whilst I still have it, I don’t remember the rubber being any more of an attraction than the graphically sexual content.


5 or 6 years passed and I was briefly treated by a physiotherapist for Tennis Elbow. (I know what you’re thinking Dear Reader: more like Wankers Elbow, and I dare say your right. I was usually giving myself at lease two orgasms a day in those days, and that undoubtedly contributed to my epicondylitis.) As part of my prescribed rehabilitation, I was issued with a resistance band – a thin sheet of latex about 5″ wide and 18″ long – which I was to use for light resistance exercise 4 or 5 times a day. My colleagues who saw me using this at work were highly amused and innuendos about me playing with pervy rubber were flying round the office. Little did they know! I found it was soft, slippery, transmitted heat very well, and it felt really quite nice wrapped around my cock.

It was around this time, goaded by conversations with Sarah, that I started investigating rubber-wear with a degree of determination. I worked not far from the red light district of The Big Smoke and amidst the sex shops and strip clubs were several fetish specialists. These ranged from purveyors of hard core gay bondage to stores that were only one step away from conventional lingerie shops – that one step being that their stock was almost exclusively rubber. One evening, as Sarah and I headed towards a vodka bar, we strayed into one such an emporium.

The smell was the first thing that struck me: rubber has distinct smell, and the air was thick with its perfume. We fondled and stroked trousers, briefs and bras, held up corsets and shirts against ourselves for critical opinion, and giggled our way through most of their stock. It felt fantastic! So did the rubber. Neither if us bought anything but this was obviously a turning point for me.

My first purchase came very shortly after: a pair of black rubber pants uk from a pretty regular sex shop. They were cheap, unremarkable and poorly made, but that didn’t master – I think I must have worn them every day for about a fortnight. This was to be My Fetish.

Over the next few weeks I inexplicably found myself on a mission to find a purple rubber thong. I found one. And I instantly loved it. Unfortunately, the one I bought didn’t quite fit properly, but with a little modification with a craft knife and some rubber cement, it became remade-to-measure.

And I was hooked.

The months and years that followed saw me acquainting myself with most of the fetish shops in The Big Smoke, and acquiring various other prices of latex fetish wear.

The next was a pair of red cycling shorts.

Then a white zip-fronted, short-sleaved shirt. When I visited the respective fetish couturier, and asked the cute, petite (and obviously corsetted) woman behind the counter about their shirts, I was invited to try one on. I was told how it was best to go for something as tight as was comfortable, and introduced to the benefits of talcum powder. The shirt I decided on had to be made to order as I wanted a higher collar and slightly longer sleeves than the stock item had. A week later, I was jerking off, snug in my new shirt.

Next was a pair of purple opera gloves. By coincidence these were just long enough that when I wore the white shirt, they overlapped the sleeves, so with the cycle shorts on as well, I was entirely sheathed in rubber from neck to knees. And masturbating with these gloves on was … well, I’ll come to that later.

I like to think of myself as the creative type, and sooner or later I started thinking about designing something myself. There was a problem with the cycling shorts – they had to be pulled down before latex sheathed fingers could be wrapped around my cock. So I designed my purple rubber chap shorts. Problem solved!

And having had those made, with the realisation that I fetish for gloves, I had a pair of latex driving gloves made. Somewhere down the line they have gone AWOL, but I have long been on the search for someone to make me a new, more elaborate pair.

And that pretty much covers my rubber wardrobe. As you can see, varied, though not hugely extensive, and including nothing like a gimp suit. Not that I wouldn’t love to get my other design made … if only I had the finances … and someone else to enjoy it with!

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  1. Doesn’t it get uncomfortable / warm / sweaty?

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