To talk, or not to talk

Alarmclock: T minus 15
We snuggled in silence.
My cock twitched, tugging at the duvet.

Alarmclock: T minus 5
Her : I s’pose I’d better get up if I’ve got to be at work early. It’s a shame we don’t have time.
Me : For what? [You know as well as I did what She meant, Dear Reader.]
Her : For sex.
Me :  Ah. Bu… [I stopped myself]
Her :  What?
Me : It doesn’t matter.

She went for Her shower.
I lay in bed, mindlessly playing with my erection, and ruminated over what I should have said.

Alarmclock: T plus 5
Me : What I was going to say, and what I should have said was … [deep breath] … I reckon I can give you an orgasm in less than 10 minutes. And it doesn’t matter if neither of us cums. Even if we fuck. And we don’t even have to do that – a five minute fumble can be fun … appologies for the aliteration.
Her : All good points. Take the preasures off.
Me : You’ve said a few times, about wanking me off, “why can’t it just be about me?”. Well why can’t it just be about you?
Her : It does often seems to be. [She was refering to the fact that more often than not in the last 5 or so years, we’ve not been good at cumming together, and I’ve usually made a point to make sure She was satisfied rather than taking my own pleasure.]
Me : That’s not what I mean. Masturbation.
Her : I know.
Me : And you never let me do that for you.
Her : I don’t think that’s true. [Dear New Reader. In what is approaching 15 years, I can count the number of times my Wife has let my slide my fingers into Her cunt on less fingers than I’ve slid into most of my exes cunts. The last time was two and a half years ago! I don’t think I’ve ever been allowed to stimulate Her clit properly – a flat palm has been the limit, definitely no direct sub-prepuce contact … though I have discussed the possible reason behind that before. And I think She’s tollerated me going down on Her only 2 or 3 times, and even then She’s decided She wasn’t comfortable with it in just a few seconds. And just to be clear, arrogance aside, I’ve been told on more than enough occasions, by more than enough women, whilst I was going down on them, that I’m good at it!]


Me : I should learn to stop talking.
Her : No. It’s good to talk about these things.
Me : OK. I should learn to stop when I’ve made my point.
Her : Maybe.
Me : Now can you take your dressing gown off so I can watch you get dressed.
Her : Ok.

She stood up, disrobed, and I enjoyed the sight of Her naked body. It’s not an hourglass, or that of an athlete, but for someone our age, She’s not in bad shape, and Her body is my Wife’s body, and that makes me like it even more. As She got dressed, my erection returned. She walked back to the side of the bed and I invited Her for a cuddle.
Me : You look good naked. [Sensing the potential to have said too much, I added …] You look good with clothes on too. [And then because I still haven’t learned to stop talking when I’ve already made my point …] You look better naked, but …
Her : It’s about context.

And we kissed, and the day went on.

8 Responses to “To talk, or not to talk”

  1. maybe this is the way? You seem more open and speaking gently seems to be amenable to her. You seem different from before when you would stay silent. I don’t know for sure but from this end, it’s a good thing you talked as you did. You’re sweet and who can resisit sweet? Progress exists and I’m happy for you.

    • It is probably true thst I wear my heart on my sleave. And a consequence of my aversion to conflict is sometimes bitterness. When we communicate things get better, or visa versa.
      Sweet, however, is something on which I cannot comment.

    • to be open and vulnerable at the risk of hurting but at the greater hope of connecting on a deeper level takes incredible strength – that biting your balls as they retreat up into your throat at the fear but you do it anyway because the gain is what you know you want. The grace you give yourself to be that vulnerable…is what I call “sweet”. It may not be the general definition but for a man, I call that sweet. I’m not trying to blow smoke up your ass: ) or make you feel good. I honestly think it takes guts to make the effort. Any progress is a positive sign in my book. I think your wife seems more open. It could be how you have written and maybe she has always been and you never wrote her that way because you were focusing on what you were thinking. Only you can say but even your little bit of gentility in this piece seems to allow her to open just a tiny bit more than I’ve ever seen. Life is hard sometimes – ok a lot of times but difficulty makes the sweeter times worth it. my .02 xo

    • MySideOfTheStreet Says:

      You are extremely sweet, my dear.

  2. well, some women are just not comfortable for men to go down on them !

    • That’s a fair point. Some women are slso not comfortabe being masturbated, or having sex with the light on, do not like to be objectified, do not regard sexy underwear to be sexy, and … I could go on. When all these things are felt by one person, I don’t believe it is unreasonable to question what it is that they are uncomfirtable with.

  3. MySideOfTheStreet Says:

    Progress?? I hope 🙂

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