Guess The Blogger – On you marks …

It’s been very pleasing to see how many likes Guess The Blogger has had, and to read the enthusiastic emails I’ve received over the last few days. The photos that have come in so far are … ooooooh … well, you’ll just have to wait a few more days to see them.

Think you can do better?
Then get your camera out over the weekend – if everybody who has expressed an interest plays the game, it’s gonna be one hell of a party.
And don’t ignore the fact that this a great way to get some more exposure for your own blog.
[Exposure? See what I did? Oh never mind!]


A quick reminder of how it works.

  1. GTB is a picture quiz.
  2. To enter, simply send a photo of yourself (along with whatever name you are most likely to be identified by and a link to your blog) to the address below. If you can’t read it, (it should be obvious considering the initials for the quiz) or if you’ve submitted a photo and not heard back from me, let me know via a comment below.
  3. There are no restrictions on what the picture can be, as long as it is of you and it’s legal (both in terms of content and ownership). In the past there have been photos of someone driving a car, wearing a silly hat, a pierced nipple, full frontal nudity, masturbation, undoctored photos, and those that have been extensively Photoshoped. You can probably guess my preference, but the choice is entirely yours. (Go on. Be sexy. You know you want to.)
  4. Entries need to be submitted by 09:00 GMT on 1at December 2014
  5. I shall aim to have the quiz up and running within 36hrs (hopefully far quicker than that), when the photos will be published along with a randomised list of contributors.
  6. You then try to figure out who is in each picture, and send your guesses to the same address. PLEASE DO NOT POST YOUR ANSWERS IN THE COMMENTS.
  7. Answers must be received by 09:00 GMT on 8th December 2014
  8. Most importantly, tell your friends. These things are always more fun when more people take part!
  9. I regret to say there are no prizes as such, just adulation and praise.


9 Responses to “Guess The Blogger – On you marks …”

  1. Ohh dude I’m so on. Will send one this weekend.

  2. Reblogged this on D i a r y I n c a r n a t e and commented:
    Please come play and have fun.

  3. I just realised… I forgot to send you the link to my blog, didn’t I? Do you need me to?

  4. Looking forward to it! 🙂

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