Guess The Blogger – GO!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, voyeurs and exhibitionists.
Here it is. (Quicker than expected.
In case it’s not obvious …

    • Here are a load of sexy selfies taken by fellow bloggers, each with a number.
    • Then there’s a list of the bloggers and links to help you find their blogs.
    • The game is simple: match the pictures to the bloggers.
    • When you think you’ve got them all right, send your answers (each name with a number) to the address at the bottom.

PLEASE, and this is important, DO NOT PUT YOUR ANSWERS IN COMMENTS ON THIS POST. This is for two reasons: firstly it makes it harder for me to sort out the results, and secondly, remember that kid at school who never did their own work and kept looking over your shoulder in tests?

Now off you go and Guess The Blogger.


# 1 AMgtb14-01
# 2 AMgtb14-02
# 3 AMgtb14-03
# 4 AMgtb14-04
# 5 AMgtb14-05
# 6 AMgtb14-06
# 7 AMgtb14-07
# 8 AMgtb14-08
# 9 AMgtb14-09
# 10 AMgtb14-10
# 11 AMgtb14-11
# 12 AMgtb14-12

Please Note, links have been corrected.
Accidental Masturbator
Cara Thereon at closed2
Caitlyn McConnell at LSAM
Daisy at Digging Up Daisy
Dawn aka Alice at pivoine68
DawnD at dawnsnight
His Precious Pet
Hyacinth at A Dissolute Life Means …
Jayne Ayres
My Side Of The Street
Rincewind at erotixx


33 Responses to “Guess The Blogger – GO!!!”

  1. Pfff… I’m supposed to be working!
    I only have 4 so far, so I need to keep working on it. But not today 🙂

  2. Wow, wow, wow! This is quite the set of nudie photos. You’re a genius for coming up with this. I have to hand it to your readers. They did not disappoint!

  3. I thought we had until the 5th? So much for my lady bits and my hubby’s cock shot. 😉

    Some super sexy going on here though! Damn!!!

  4. diggingupdaisy Says:

    I should not have looked before work! I can’t wait to get home and figure these out.

  5. Wow, up and running, you are!

  6. MySideOfTheStreet Says:


  7. Ok, this isn’t easy except for 5, and one of those is my own ! ! maybe 6 or 7 if I take uneducated guesses.
    P.S. I’m not sure about 5 and 9. Can we have other views to check for identifying birthmarks?
    …and you see how lame I am with that email of yours AM? My mind saw the drawing and “letters” and didn’t put it together that it was an address. In my mind, address and penis are separate things so I couldn’t see it.

  8. I totally missed this post going up. It doesn’t help that I was busy with work. I’ll get to work on this over the weekend.

  9. Reblogged this on Cara Thereon and commented:
    Here we go! Take a gander, take a guess.

  10. OK, C’mon! Am I the only one who has noticed the car battery on the floor next to the Venus? What is she using a car battery to power? Very nice skin Venus, whoever you are. You remind me of Botticelli’s Birth of Venus. Hmmm, the battery…

  11. Are the answers up?

  12. Finally I managed to get my answers in. 😉 But so many Butts, boobs, asses, nippleclamps it makes my eyes go foggy. It’s just gorgeous all of the photos, well done all of you.

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