Permission granted

Monday 06:15
In the wake of Sunday, I wanted to  …
Actually, I didn’t know what I wanted to …
I had an erection, and my Wife’s breathing patterns and movements made me think She was probably awake. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to fuck Her. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go downstairs and jerk off with a cup of tea in the other hand either.

I reached for Her. Her hand met mine. And we didn’t move for a moment.

She got out of bed and went to the bathroom.

When She returned, She snuggled up, and Her hands cautiously started to stroke.

I still didn’t know what I wanted to …

I need to make the effort. I stroked.

Fore, was played.

We fucked.

I’d had my orgasm yesterday, and as such She had had what She wanted, albeit that what She seemed to want, as my cum dripped from Her snatch, was for me to massage it and make Her cum too.
Today I wanted to give Her Hers.

Which I did.
I know how to make Her cum. Pretty much every time. As She commented after She’d cum, it wasn’t a huge orgasm, but a series of peaks. Something today had meant I couldn’t make Her scream and collapse, but 4 or 5 times She’d been breathless and whimpering.  (Dear Female Reader. I confess I’ve never been quite sure of the definition, and not being able to experience a woman’s orgasm, is this what constitutes multiple orgasms? I don’t know, and I’m not sure it matters. Just curious.)

Her: What about you?
She looked at the clock. 06:54
Her: Are you going to cum in six minutes?
I started to thrust vigorously into Her. Oh who was I kidding. If I was thrusting vigorously into my fist, yes I could almost certainly cum in six minutes. possibly even into Her fist. But not Her cunt.
Her: As much as your cunt feels lovely, I think if I’m going to cum it’s going to need to be a wank.
And She sat up, glided off my cock, and wrapped Her hand around it. As She started to pump, I guided Her other hand to my balls, which She stroked delightfully. And the alarm radio clicked on.
Her: You’re not going to cum quickly, are you?
Me: It’s alright. I can sort it later.
As She got out of bed, to go for Her shower …
Me: Would y …
Her: What?
Me: It doesn’t matter.
Her: Say it later.
Me: It’s more a question of now or later.
Her: Then say it now.
I took a deep breath.
Me: Do you want me to cum for you later, or should I make myself cum now?
Her: Now. Or later. Or both?
Me: I’m not that young any more!
Her: Then save it for later.
She bent down and kissed me again.

As She washed the sweat and juices from Her thighs in the shower, I stroked my still rigid cock, also soaked in Her slick joy. I raised my hand to my mouth and tasted Her glorious stain on me.


Monday 23:15
I was sat on the sofa watching mildly amusing comedy panel shows.
She was sat on the sofa still working.As I stood up …
Me: I’ll be the one asleep.
Her: OK.
And that was it.

Tuesday 05:50
We both stirred as the bedroom door slowly opened. apparently 3 members of the family were awake too early. And apparently there were was room for 3 in the bed.

8 Responses to “Permission granted”

  1. I wish I had a whispering way to type because I don’t want to say too loud that this has a different feel. It’s like you are awakening in some way and she is not the same as you have written her. You asking her if you should wait was so forward and that alone is ??taking ownership? I don’t know for sure but I know this is far from a year ago or 2. It was very erotic. I may not be one to judge. I’m just happy for you and her. As for the peaks of heavy breathing …personally, that great rise and fall is like taking a ride on a mental and physical sexual yo-yo and it’s great even though, for me, it isn’t an orgasm. That’s only one answer from one female.

    • I have to say, asking if She minded if I had a wank didn’t feel remotely erotic. And maybe I wasn’t reading deeply enough, but there were no signs in Her tone of voice or body language that suggested it necessarily was for Her either.
      There is a coda, of course, which I have just addeed to the post, which is probably a lot more reminiscent of a year or two ago.

      Interesting on the multiple orgasm question. I’ve always thought of them an obvious orgasm, followed by an obvious orgasm, followed by another … until I got too tired to provide any more. I just wondered if the peaks counted for less overtly orgasmic women.
      (This might be a way to whisper.)

    • THAT was whisper! How’d you do that?! – editing comments as opposed to immediate reply box?

      I’m a damn optimist too much of the time. I just hate defeat in life. I was thinking that your “asking” was your way to hold out for a good reason because it did something for YOU and she kind of joined in and asked you to wait for her because she wanted another go with you. I never take my interpretations seriously as your truth because I can’t know that through posts alone. She could very well be having orgasms and maybe she holds it inside. I would imagine her to convulse – outside in some way and inside if it’s vaginal. Don’t go by only one person. You could venture to ask her. xo, J

  2. MySideOfTheStreet Says:

    I’m with Jayne, there’s a different mood in this

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