All she wants

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, Loyal Reader, that I have email subscriptions to various internet retailers – sex toys, rubber, lingerie, mens underwear. There are some I feel I should opt out of. Predominantly the ones for lingerie. I mean, the set I bought Her last Xmas was received almost as badly as dose of genital wartrs. So whilst it’s kind of difficult to say Unsubscribe to a company who insist on sending me regular photos of attractive women barely wearing lace, it does occasionally feel like I’m allowing them to rub salt in the wound.

Today was one such occasion. As I tidied my inbox, I found this …


All she wants this Christmas?
Really? I think there’s been some kind of mistake.
Not my She, that’s for sure.

Yet …

In the days immediately after She presented Herself to me in the Infamous Red Lingerie, and She told me She wears in because She knows I like it, not because She does, I did find myself thinking what the hell, let’s get Her something I like. Maybe not a corsetted rubber cat suit, but something a little risque, a little dareing. Something that says “Pick up your jaw and fuck me now!” Something I’d like to see Her in. Inevitably, that thought has waxed and waned over the last few weeks. But can I shake it? Can I hell.

What if I bought Her a lace up corset …

… or a bra and briefs small enough that the model had to have her nips and slit airbrushed out…

… or a bodysuit where no amount of airbrushing would provide any modesty …

… or … what do they call this? A play suit? …


I’m not sure aboubt the suit, but that certainly makes me want to play.

Or maybe not.
Maybe I should err on the side of prudence and ask if She’s like me to buy something I’d like to see Her in. Ask Her if She’s like to wear something I’d like this Xmas.

One Response to “All she wants”

  1. I think it’s best to get her buy in first. For me, it’s always a turn on to hear what my man wants me in. I get excited wanting to please him.

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