Guess The Blogger – answers

First, a big thank you to everyone who sent in a picture (and not just for the obvious reasons).

Secondly, congratulations to Jayne Ayres, for a truly impressive score of 8 correctly deduced bloggers. (There’s obviously a thin line between Sherlock Holmes and John Holmes.)

For all those who sent in answers, here are your scores …

5th= Spacefreedomlove : 2
5th= Rincewind : 2
4th My side of the street : 4
3td Dawn D : 5
2nd Cara Thereon : 6
1st Jayne Ayres : 8

And finally, the answers are ..


  1. My side of the street
  2. Dawn D
  3. Spacefreedomlove
  4. Cara Thereon
  5. Accidental Masturbator
  6. Dawn aka Alice
  7. Daisy
  8. His Precious Pet
  9. Rincewind
  10. Caitlyn McConnell
  11. Jayne Ayres
  12. Hyacinth

12 Responses to “Guess The Blogger – answers”

  1. Congrats Jayne and thanks AM for sharing a beautiful pic but most importantly for organising this 🙂

  2. Really! 2 correct answers so that means I got my own picture correct and AMs. Damn am so not going to be a great detective thats for sure. But loved the photos, was turned on by each and all of them. Let’s have an orgy 🙂 but thx AM for taking yr time to organise this one.

  3. Way to go, Jayne!! Impressive. I’ll happily take second place to you

  4. MySideOfTheStreet Says:

    Well, I had a few right! Congrats Jayne!!!

  5. Well I’m surprised…I only knew: Hy’s body, AM’s ! , Cara’s many hours of work so she had to be in bed but she could have been the round pink panties, Dawn’s hair color and love? for photography , written history of another person and myself. My crazy ass detective skills came in handy figuring out who the one and only other lovely male’s picture was. Both of those pictures short my brain so I was a bit handicapped. Thank you AM for hosting this. I know it’s work. xoxo, J

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