I’m bad and not good at this

You know our routine, don’t you, Loyal Reader? The one that starts with Us both awake early and Her going to the bathroom. Yeah. Thought you did, so I’ll skip that bit. Except to say that while She was in the bathroom I did something bad. Very bad.

Some time ago I took part in an event that I wanted to record for posterity (nothing remotely sexual) but, for various reasons, an event where cameras were expressly forbidden. Whilst some of the reasons were thoroughly laudable, the ban was significantly motivated by economics. So, being a closet rebel, I acquired a covert video camera. In these days of high tech, such things are astoundingly easy to source at reasonable prices, and look nothing like what they actually are. In 2014, Q would simply pop down to Maplin or Radio Shack when kitting out Bond’s next mission.

(Did I say I’d been bad, Disapproving Reader? Because you can doubtless see where this is going.)

When I bought the camera, I didn’t strictly need a night vision version, but it was barely more expensive and it seemed silly not to get the higher spec’d unit. If nothing else, it would make it easier to secretly film my Wife and I having sex. This was of course long before we spent month after month after interminable month not having sex, and the idea perishd along with any hope of even a normal sex life.

Spin the clock forward. My Wife has just gone to the bathroom. A reliable sign that She is contemplating sex. My stealth-cam just happens to reside unobtrusively on the bedside table. And while She is relieving Her pre-coital bladder, I set the camera to RECORD.

I told you.
I’m a bad man.
I’m not proud of myself. Far from it.
I like watching porn, and I’d love to properly film us fucking, to make our own porno, but I’m a realistic pervert, and I know I can sometimes be bad. So I’ll settle of tossing myself off over secretly recorded footage of me getting tossed off.
Again I’ll say it. I’m not proud of myself.

She snuggled up and Her hand worked its way towards my cock

It had been a long 4 days since She acknowledged my need(?) to toss myself off and considering Her promise to finish the job in the evening had been unfulfilled, I think I’d tossed myself off at least three times since.

My hand ran down Her back, pulled up Her nightshirt, and I groped Her arse.

Her : Lets finish of what I started the other day.
Me : So do I get to play?
Her : How about you just lie back and enjoy.
Which I did.
As She knelt between my legs, I forgot about the camera. With one hand She stroked my cock, the other caressed my balls and perineum. Every once in a while Her fingers would trace back along the line of my crack, and the rhythm of my breaths would falter as She almost tickled my hole. And then Her hand would move back to my balls. Several times. I don’t think She was deliberately teasing me, as it didn’t seem that contrived.

Her : Tell me what you want?
What I wanted was for Her to finger my arse. A tickle. A rub. Maybe even ease a digit through my ring.
Me : I want to taste you.
I wanted that too. I’d love for Her to straddle my face and grind Her pussy down on my tongue. And She knows I want to go down on Her. But right then what I really wanted was my arse to be the focus of Her attentions. If only I could have said so.
But I’m not good at this.

The truth is, I think She’s probably got a pretty good idea that I like a bit of anal play. She’s figured this out for Herself before. That said, She’s only occasionally shown any signs of interest in my sphincter, She’s certainly never aimed a finger at my prostate, and I can’t imagine She’d ever seriously consider a Fun Factory Share …


… or … or? … or maybe She knows all to well what I want, and is asking permission. It seems unlikely, but I really don’t know what goes on in Her head when it comes to sex. Maybe, even if She wouldn’t consider fucking us both with a Share XL, She’d at least consider something just for me …


… or maybe not.

Anyway, I digress a little.

I’m not good at this, and nothing more was said as She tugged me off, I came in Her hands, and then She went for a shower.

I reached over to the bedside table, and turned the camera off.
I didn’t feel proud of myself, but I wasn’t full of self loathing either. I wank for my own pleasure. I fantasise about fucking my Wife for my own pleasure. I look at my Wife’s tits for my own pleasure. And all these things I do without asking Her permission. Filming this was purely for my own pleasure. An exclusively solo act.
This is how I rationalise it. But I know it was a bad thing to do.

Later that day, I reviewed the footage.
Or at least nothing worth the effort. I was genuinely looking forward to watching my Wife playing with my cock, but I guess you get what you pay for, and cheap, small, covert, night vision, video cameras are packed so full of compromises you have to expect that they’re really not up to the job. They are a bit of a novelty item, and the infra-red illumination just wasn’t up to the job, and I got what I probably deserved for being quite so bad.

5 Responses to “I’m bad and not good at this”

  1. So will you be buying a better camera? πŸ˜‰

    • Would that be a good thing to do, or a bad thing to do?
      To give the camera due credit, it functions pretty in a room not enveloped in darkness. If there was enought light to watch my Wife wqnking me … oh … now there’s a thought! πŸ˜‰

    • I was only taped once – giving head to “faraway lover”, and I thought it was super hot, actually!!

      Just sayin’…

    • Any chance you’re going to share the footage with us?
      I think you’re right about it being hot, whether you’re filming or being filmed. What’s even hornier is having sex with soneone whilst wayching a video of yourselves having sex.

    • Lol since we were both married at the time (although mine was open), it was deleted VERY quickly. Perhaps next time πŸ˜‰

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