I get to wear rubber for Her

Her : I’ve made an appointment with the GP for the end of the week.
Me : Ok
Such diary logistic conversations are not uncommon.
Her : I don’t know if they’ll do anything on the spot; I may need to make another appointment to get my [contraceptive] implant taken out. From the reading I’ve done, it looks like they can have an effect, so we can at least see if it makes a difference to my libido, or whether it’s just that I’m constantly tired. There are a couple of different types of IUD, some use hormones, which won’t really change anything, and ones which contain copper. Both have potential downsides [AM ed: I’m paraphrasing here, Dear Reader] so if we go back to condoms for a while and see how things go.
Me : Well the offer still stands.
Her : I think the less surgery you have to have the better.


On the up side:
She’s been thinking about our sex life and the fact that it’s not what it might be. Granted, Her implant has been heading towards its expiration date anyway, but the consequences for us have not been unregarded.
On the downside:
There are a few less days each month when there is a chance of us fucking. That might seem an insignificant issue, but when the odds have been historically long, you don’t really want to make them longer.
On the up side:
She might start feeling horny. And even if the lack of extraneous hormones doesn’t help directly, there’s still hope for the placebo effect.
On the downside:
There may be mood swings.
On the up side:
She’s in no hurry to see someone take a scalpel to my bollocks.
On the downside:
We go back to using condoms. And whilst I like wearing rubber, nobody actually believes wearing rubbers improves sex.
On the up side:
It’s years since I had to buy something for the weekend and it’s a good excuse to present Her with some different types of Jonnie and do some product testing. I wonder if I should get hold of a capote Anglaise variety pack?

4 Responses to “I get to wear rubber for Her”

  1. So there’s pluses and minuses, but the fact that she’s even considering her libido in the midst of all of it is the highlight (to me).

  2. I am sure this is in your blog somewhere, but has her libido changed as a result of the birth control specifically?

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