Her choice

Over Xmas I had my worst fuck in years, and a couple of times She has covered Her hands and the bed sheets in my sticky emissions, so the candle of hope is still burning.

Hope and advertising emails had seem me contemplating buying Her lingerie again for Xmas. And I’d still like to.

Then I had an idea.

By nature, I am a procrastinator, Dear Reader, though it is one of numerous character traits I would dearly like to shed. Some months ago, as I tidied a pile of papers that had sat unattended on my desk for far too long, I unearthed the neglected vouchers for Luxurious Designer Lingerie Emporium. I had intended to donate them to a local charity that is close to my heart, but somehow I’d never got round to it. My sense of failure was mitigated by the knowledge that I had since raised money for them in a different way, but it was still aregretible ommission. Anyway … I still have the vouchers and a plan started to hatch.

Considering how well received the blue bra and briefs were received …


… (and for those not entirely up to speed on this saga, let’s just say they went down more like a lead baloon than an enthusiastic hooker) I figured I’d give Her the choice. Offer Her the choice to use them or not. Present it to Her as an opportunity – She says She wears sexy undies because I like Her to (not for Herself), and we are at least trying to rediscover our sex life, and the vouchers are there to be spent if She’d like them. Her choice.

So I rifled through the still unsorted pile of papers and and unearthed the vouchers once again.

There is, of course, a flaw in every plan and when I opened the the envelope to lust after the rather lovely lace clad underwear model pictured on the vouchers, I spotted the expiration date.

Wow! And there was me thinking it was only a year ago that that particular nail had keen driven into the wood of our sex life’s coffin. It turns out it’s two years. Oh well. Time to move on. And maybe making the point that it’s been that long won’t go amiss either.

Here you go, some vouchers if you’d like. I couldn’t get a refund on the underwear I bought you last Xmas. You can choose some lingerie for yourself if you’d like. Or I can get something deliciously slutty that is guaranteed to give me a boner if you wear it. Your choice. No preasure. Oh? What’s that? They’re out of date? By 18 months? £80 wasted. How did that happen? What a pity. Well I’ll still buy you £80 worth of slutty smalls if you’ll let me. Nothing too kinky. Nothing latex. Unless you’d like some?

2 Responses to “Her choice”

  1. You can send me the blue set. It’s lovely.

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