Call me old fashioned

A couple of days before Xmas, walking through the local shopping centre, on a whim, I ducked into Ann Summers, just to have a look at who was shopping there. I always find sex shops fascinating, and more for the clientele that the products. Bragging aside, there’s not much in the way of sex toys and tarty underwear I’ve not seen.


Having perused the plastic penises and perverted punters, and as I headed for the door, I heard a woman say Don’t touch. I assumed she was talking to an over amorous SO, who was casually groping her arse in public. But when I rounded the display stand, liberally hung with riding crops, hand cuffs and anal beads, she said it again and knocked her 4yr old sons hand away from a bright pink rabbit vibrator.

Now I can appreciate how, at Xmas, you might want to surprise your partner with a large toy cock or crotchless panties. And as a parent I can appreciate how sometimes you have to drag your kids round the shops. And at such a tender age, one whould assume a child would have no reason to think that buzzing 10″ black space rocket in mummy’s bottom draw was anything but a buzzing 10″ black space rocket. And a sex shops go, Ann Summers is pretty tame. But call me old fashioned – would you really take a kid into a sex shop?

23 Responses to “Call me old fashioned”

  1. Considering I have only been to a sex shop once in all my life… my answer would be a resounding NO!
    I must be old fashioned too πŸ˜‰

  2. My sister wanted to bring my then year old nephew into one, once upon a time. They told her it was illegal (here). But regardless, I wouldn’t bring a child into one, no.


    • Good point. I wonder if that’s something to do with licensing. IIRC the UK has licensed sex shops and lesser establisments, of which I wonder if Ann Summers is such a chain. My guess is that dictates what they can sell (especially porn) and that may come with an over 18s only stipulation

  3. This gave me a chuckle. Bad parenting at it’s best!

  4. diggingupdaisy Says:

    That is crazy! I know I have a handful of memories from when I was four, I would hate for that to be one of my child’s earliest memories.

  5. 4 years old is at the tail end of being a fully baked brain, like Spacefreedomlove said, bad parenting at its best. BUT… being that open, would it remove the taboo that so many of us grew up with?? just a wild thought. That kid could very well grow up with a healthy perspective and understanding. It could happen. I wouldn’t take a kid into any kind of sex shop though.

    • Yes, I was wondering the same thing. For instance, I am wondering when I discuss toys and kink (though my kink is rather tame for now) with my kids πŸ˜‰
      I guess the fact the mother was saying ‘don’t touch’ though means that it is still taboo for her, and if that’s the case, then she shouldn’t take her kid there.

    • I thought “Don’t Touch” was actually the good parenting part because rug rats need to be reined in at stores and shouldn’t be touching- AT any store but a kids toy store, imo. No kid wants to hear about their parent’s sex life, right? I don’t know how you make a kid comfortable because it isn’t always comfortable. I have said positive things about sex when I can and I speak of the person’s character or that we are different instead of making the act the subject. I have no damn idea Dawn. : )

    • I think I should have written “I’m wondering when I should discuss toys and kink with my kids”.
      I guess, with this mother in the sex shop, the tone of voice would be very indicative of whether hse is just parenting (as in teaching her kid not to touch things from shelves) or defensive, ill at ease, because of the nature of the things…
      I’m like you. I try to discuss sex positively, in a reasonable tone of voice, making it a guiltless experience. But… I have no fucking idea either Jayne, I think that’s why this is so difficult: our parents did the best they could, and that created us (and I know I at least am a bit weird in all sorts of ways πŸ˜‰ ). And now, we come with our weirdness and try to do the best by our own kids. No one has a damn idea, that’s why we’re all so messed up πŸ˜‰

    • But not as messed up as many.

    • I have always seen “messed up” as what “normal” really is. : )

    • Yes, I think it is a safe assumption πŸ™‚

    • A very good philosophical point. That might also have a positive impact on adults and mean we all gained a better pwrspective on sex. My guess is, as with many large social changes, you’d need to take every 4yr old into a sex shop, and I’m not sure the wirld is ready fir that yet. I know I’m not.

    • No way is taking every 4 year old into a sex shop… Mommy, whats a Butt Plug? No, NOT a good idea BUT not being SO frightfully ready to cover their eyes or shun sex at every opportunity might be a good way to alleviate shame about it. ?? I think our own subconscious reactions about sex seep into a kids mind.

    • You’re right. I was just joking. I certainly wouldn’t want to rob a kid of their innocence by answering that question honestly.

    • I guessed that you were being sarcastic and laughed at the image. It must be the wine but I’m imagining A Sesame Street skit explaining what a butt plug is and it’s funny. If I remember right, I did learn in trigonometry that Innocence and Butt Plug does equal furry imaginable, nonexistent creatures…divided by the least common denominator of course. I forget what property it’s called but I’ll look it up and get back to you.

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