Rubber – Why

So you’ve read about how I discovered my love of latex, which must have left you wondering, Shocked Reader, just why I love it so much? Let me try to explain.
But first, this will be a post which is improved with a little audience participation:
You’re reading about rubber as a fetish, so let’s experience it. Go down to your local DIY / hardware store and find a pack of latex gloves. The thin sort, that are used for medical practitioners when they gently ease an exploratory finger into your cunt or arse, but are also often used by mechanics and decorators. Make sure you get natural latex gloves (usually a creamy white colour), not Nitrile (often blue, black or purple) or PVC (more translucent with a faint grey tint) and try to find some that are talc’ed (as opposed to those sold as powder free). Finally make sure they fit well, you don’t want them to be loose on your hands.

Now off you go and get some of these from B&Q or Home Depot and we can meet back here when your properly dressed.

Dum de dum.
Dum de dum.
Dum de diddly diddly dum.
Dum de dum.
Dum d … ah, there you are. That was quick. You must have been really keen to try this, Inquisitive Reader. You’ve got your gloves on? Marvellous.
Let’s begin … [cue sound effect] WPrg

So first things first … stroke your rubber clad hands.
Feels nice, doesn’t it.
Smooth. Silky. Sexy.
If you’re feeling adventurous, you can put a hand down the front of your underwear and have a fiddle right now … or we can crack on. Your choice.

Dum de dum.
Dum de dum.
Dum de diddly diddly dum.
Dum de dum.
Dum d … for those of you still with me, and who are not not familiar with rubber as a fetish, it seems to fall into two categories, which I can best describe as heavy and glam.


(I believe Heavy is indeed a specific niche in the range of rubber fetishes, and I may well be misusing the term, but as a comparison, I think it works well.)

Whilst I would in no way want this to be seen as criticism, I confess that even as I scanned through images online with which to illustrate the difference, I did feel just a little weirded out by the gas masks, gimp suits, gynecological examination tables, scenes of suspension, enemas and inflatable body bags. The heavy side ofetn shares quite a lot of territory with heavy bondage, and is definitely not for me.

My preference is very much for the glam.


One of the most obvious differences between the two styles of this fetishwear is the rubber itself. Heavy rubberists invariably opt for heavyweight, black rubber (or occasionally red) yet if you go into any decent fetish shop, or peruse the many fetish couturiers’ websites, you will find outfits in pretty much every colour imaginable. Not only that, the latex used is often a thinner grade, and cut to not only sheath the body, but also to flatter it. Rather than buckles and gags, you’ll find ruffles, frills, boning, appliqué …



And creativity.


Whereas you might go to a (non fetish) party, club or wedding in a posh frock or suit, even getting it custom made, there’s a good chance you’d go for something relatively conventional in form. Not so with latex. Latex is very much about sensuality and appreciation of the body. And because there is a degree of consciously being outside the norm, pushing the boundaries, being outrageous, you can have whatever shape or form you like. If you want to draw attention to your tits, or hands, or arse, or face, you can do that as subtly or gratuitously as you want. And, just as I have, if you can’t find quite what you want, it’s not uncommon to get your own design created for you. Freedom to be as visually sexual as you want.

And just as there’s a significant element of being outside the norm, and showing off whatever we want, there’s also little judgement. If you’re a Size Zero or a Size 30, it doesn’t matter so much. (Admittedly that seems to apply to women more than men, and again I don’t mean to be judgemental myself, but plus size women in rubber always look better than plus size men in rubber. Sorry guys!)

So that’s the aesthetic. Now why is it so great to wear it? Is it the texture? The tightness? The smell? The necessary ritual? The forbidden connotations? For me, it’s probably all these things.

Whilst I am not the rebel I’d like to be, I do have a penchant for non-conformity. Rules may not have been made to be broken, but convention is there to be circumvented. I guess the love of the unusual, and a fascination with what’s behind the closed door has probably been the starting point for my kinkiness, and I certainly think the fact that rubber is publicly regarded by so many as weird, or freakish is probably what spurred me to experiment with it.

I’m also a great fan of process. I like doing things the right way, and even donning latex garments has (usually) a process involved.
Rubber is part of most people’s lives, fetishists or not, and most commonly for one reason: it grips well. Car tyres are made of rubber precisely because they need to stick and grip, but that’s probably not what you want from sheet rubber pulled tight against your genitals. And if your clothes grip, that certainly doesn’t make getting dressed any easier.
Remember I advised you bought latex gloves that were talc’ed? Well when you graduate to rubber dresses, shirts and lingerie, this is where you’ll reach for the talcum powder.
A light coating talc on their inside surfaces stops latex garments sticking to themselves when packed away, and when getting dressed will help you glide smoothly into them. And because rubber looks best when it shines, it pays to give it a good buffing with something like a silicon polish when you wear it. Talc-ing and polishing latex is analogous to ironing, though your hand becomes the iron, running over this delicious surface. Caressing it. And if you’re enjoying your fetish with a partner, it’s an awful lot easier, and more fun, to polish a garment when it’s being worn.


It is at this point I’ll refer you back to the gloves you are hopefully wearing.
You’re starting to understand, aren’t you, Dear Aroused Reader?

Wearing rubber is almost like a left hand wank. It feels just very slightly different, yet familiar and comfortable. Wearing rubber separates your body from itself, changes the sensation of touch, both for the hand and whatever your body is touching. It’s hard to explain, but run your gloved hands together and you should instantly see what I mean.

It doesn’t even need a hand to do the stroking: wear rubber shorts or a vest under your ordinary day clothes, go out and about, and you will suddenly become aware of how much your outerwear is moving. Because it is now stroking you through the rubber. A sensation I don’t believe you can get to enjoy any other way.

And because latex doesn’t breathe like cotton or silk, it can make you hot, and sweat just a little, but the air against the rubber makes that feel cold … at the same time. Again, it’s hard to explain without a demonstration wearing something more expansive than a pair of gloves.

Speaking of bodily fluids, unlike cotton or silk, rubber doesn’t absorb them, so your pre-cum or pussy juices don’t dissipate, but do exactly what they’re supposed to do, and keep your crotch deliciously moist and lubricated.

I could go on, I really could, but I don’t need to. You may think latex fetishwear is expensive, but if you just want to experiment, at the time of writing, you can easily get an entry level rubber mini skirt for less than £15, or latex briefs with a built in sheath for just £17. Fuck!!!! You’d probably spend more ordering a pizza and renting a DVD, and I can tell you without a shadow of doubt which is more fun!!! So get back out and do some more shopping, but this time at your local fetish emporium, not at B&Q or Home Depot.

11 Responses to “Rubber – Why”

  1. You mentioned rubber gloves when I offered a satin pair– I think the touch of a glove in satin would be nicer than rubber. On the other hand…heh, heh, heh…the rubber (gloves) do look nice. I have two latex pencil skirts that are really forgiving and fun to wear. London based designer. (Look under latex)

    • Rubber. Silk. Leather. Velvet. When it comes to gloves I’m not that fussy. As a fabric in general terms though, rubber gets my vote.
      I like Joy Williams’s use of patterned latex. (Will have to investigate further later – i suspect B&W doesnt do it justice.) It frustrates me that most people’s perception of rubber is black gimp suits and the output of so many high street fetishwear outlets. It would be great if designers such as Catalyst and Joy Williams could get more exposure and Joe Public could see how varied the fabric can be.

    • Latex is very fiddly and hard to wear. It’s very hot or cold. It rips, especially when it is thinner. You have to condition it, store it properly. Seams come undone. I don’t think you will ever see it in stores because of those issues – not the looks issues. Who would take the return when the piece is cut for you?
      BTW – one of my Daniel James skirts is olive green..

      Here are some sights for colorful latex:
      (I have an upcoming post in Jan about this designer)
      (High end, famous people have worn his dresses)

      If you go to and put in latex — fun things appear.

      I agree that latex can be colorful and stunning rather than scary. and I enjoy latex as a presentation piece, but it is really not easy, nor practical.

    • I’ve yet to damage any of my rubberwear, other than some staining to a light coloured shirt.

      I’n pretty sure I met Atsuko a couple of times when she was still making a name for herself.

    • My nails have done the damage….plus, I am sure that I have to stretch my pieces more drastically than you. 😉
      Her! Whoops — I put in “Him” for Atsuko.

    • As mentioned, the egalitarian nature of rubber fetishwear, that other fetishists don’t judge based on bodyform, and that it will flatter any woman, is just one of the things I love about it.

    • This video talks about latex, the way you are talking about latex:

  2. MySideOfTheStreet Says:

    I found this extremely interesting. I’ve always been curious about what makes you tick. Sadly, I’m allergic to latex.

    • There’s a process known as chlorination (I’m not sure whether the name truely represents the chemical process) that is supposed to make it safe to be worn by latex alergy suferers.
      Tick. Tick. Tick.
      Have I really given away so little about my workings?
      Tick. Tick. Tick. T…

    • MySideOfTheStreet Says:

      At first there seemed to be quite a lot of contradictions between your current situation and what you wrote regarding yourself. You’ve slowly peeled those layers away 🙂

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