Her: Are you going to cum?
Me: No.
I withdrew and rolled over, silently cursing the latex membrane between us.
There was a pause.
Me: I’ve been doing some research. Into condoms.
Her: I saw you’d been doing some shopping.
Me: Have you been going through my post?
Her: No I put your shirts away.

I’d put the envelope stuffed full of condoms in the drawer I keep my shirts in and She’d obviously found them when putting the laundry away. This wasn’t unexpected. Maybe it’s my imagination, but seeing as She doesn’t like surprises I suspect Her discovery made the conversation easier.

And so I told Her about my research. About the different thicknesses of jonnies, the league tables, the miriad brands, how I used to get on with Mates, how I’d never heard of Crown, and how, much to my amusement, I’d found out I had a thick cock. I emphasised that this had ammused me.

She suggested there might not be that much difference in size between the largest and smallest condoms available. Gee, thanks, I thought. There’s nothing like taking the wind out of a guys sales when he’s just told you, after decades of ignorance, he’s learned he’s well hung. Possibly a little defensively, I assured Her there were 7 different sizes and I don’t know about you, Experienced Reader, but I reckon a difference between the largest and smallest girths of nearly 2 inches is probably significant. (If you disagree, Compassionate Reader, humour me better than my Wife did.)

And I told Her how, because my order had been over a certain value, the online store had thrown in a free vibrating cock ring.


Me: … not that I imagine we’ll have any use for that.
She laughed
Her: How that supposed to work?
I know She’s described Herself as sexually repressed in the past, but this reaction puzzled me.
Her: How’s a cock cream supposed to vibrate?
Me: No. A vibrating cock ring. But I don’t imagine you’ll want to try it.
Her: Not yet. But you never know.

I couldn’t speculate on how genuine a ray of hope should be gleaned from that, but a ray of hope is a ray of hope.

Her: So do you want me to do anything for you?
Me: You’re very welcome to.

And She tossed me off.
As She did, I wanted to ask Her to tug on my balls, but somehow I didn’t feel the moment was right. So as Her hand slid up and down my shaft, I reached for my sack, pulled it down hard, and shot my load almost immediately.
Her: I’m not used to that happening so quickly.
To be honest, I didn’t anticipate the degree to which it would expedite my ejaculation either. The combination of Her hand and my tricks of the trade, perhaps?
I didn’t know whether, in the darkness and beneath the duvet, She’d noticed my involvement or, if She had, whether She appreciated the potency of such a simple action and mentally noted it for future reference.

15 Responses to “Knowledge”

  1. A ray of Sunshine is a ray of Sunshine! And don’t worry, we know there are different sizes and you are doing just fine. 😀

  2. Yes, a ray of sunshine is a ray of sunshine.
    As for the simple action… I’ll keep it in my book of tricks 😉
    If she’s like me, it has been instilled in her that balls are delicate parts of a man’s anatomy and should be treated with care. I don’t think I would dare take any sudden action as far as they are concerned. So tugging hard? I’d need to be shown exactly how hard a man likes it before I dared doing it myself!

    • If you thought balls were delicate and needed to be treated with care, you were absolutely right. Granted there are some men who will pay a dom to kick them in the balls or stand on them, but I ain’t one of them!!!!
      Although a tug on the balls can be great, if done carefully, and whilst i like wearing ball stretchers (did i make that lost active again? I’ll have to check) a stretched scrotum is predominantly where the easure is for me. Maybe a members only post would help illustrate what I mean . 😉

    • I have seen the ball stretcher at woerk already.
      My worry would be when I read ‘a hard tug’… what is a hard tug to you may be much more gentle to me.
      And I’m not about to attempt it by myself! I do expect that there will be much more communication about sex with my next partner than there ever was with the one I left a year ago. So I won’t be afraid to ask 😉

    • There was also a post I wrote ages ago about wearing ball stretchers. I took it off line as it attracted a disproportionate number of hits, but I cant remember if I reinstated it (with a password) or not.
      I was thinking of a picture to show how to use a hand to stretch, rather than toys. Obviously I can’t speculate on how hard is too hard for your partners: eenie meenie minie mo, if he squeals let him go.

    • I won’t mind the picture, though I think I have an idea.
      As far as my partners… I like your optimism. To use the plural, there would need to be more than one… I’m FAR from that :-/
      Oh well… It’ll come in due time 🙂

  3. MySideOfTheStreet Says:

    Here’s hoping for you, hon! And there is a definite difference in sizes!

  4. Tell her you want to try something new. Then try a blindfold with the ms’s. Once that vibrating door is open she will wonder why she didn’t try it sooner.

    Communication is the key. Don’t just beat around the bush so to speak. Her answer, not yet but you never know, means she’s thought about it. She didn’t say No. Take it slow, get some new toys and that blindfold. She might just surprise you..

    • I love your optimism, I really do, and thank you for the support. But for us, trying something new would be utteribg the words fuck me harder or more More MORE!!!

      Opening up to the wonders of vibrators may yet happen, but for a woman who doesn’t like to be masturbated, it needs to be at Her tempo. If She would even entertain the idea of a blindfold, that on its own would shock me rather than surprise me.

  5. Instead of talking from the negative possibility to her, how about this. Less info but just enough to be relative?,
    “I read that vibration will compensate for the lack of sensitivity of condoms. The vibration adds sensation and it could help.” no more, no less. What the hell, give it a go. : ) but come from a place of possibility. If you give her the “out” before you finish talking, it’s too easy for her to agree with you. Let her think herself because she could go for it this way at some point – it’s a positive approach. I know…marriage tends to lead to atrophy of possibilities in our minds but the only thing you can do is try a different approach. She seems primed for a positive approach. (You see how I stayed away from the vibration on her own body? I’d let her find that out herself…gently at her own pace. : )

    • A very good suggestion. It’s a strategy I use in other (entirely different) situations, but strangely never with my Wife. Atrophy? An interesting choice of words.
      The immediate opportunity for such a suggestion may have passed, but it’s worth bearing in mind.
      Thank you!

    • I think that emotional investment blurs our minds to logical ways we use outside of marriage ?? Maybe that’s why you speak to her in that manner after so much trying. I really don’t know. I just try to understand and do better. (Love is blind) It’s worth a try.

    • Sometimes blind. Sometimes eternally optimistic. Sometimes defeatist. Sometimes perversly competitive. Often nonsensical.

    • OH yeah! Sometimes carnivorously cannibalistic just to end it. Oh wait – that was me.: )

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