I suppose they think that’s funny

My favorite email of the last few days:

From: Discount French Letters EU (sales@discountfrenchletters.con)
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To: Accidental@hotmale.con

Dear A Masturbator

You bought the My Size Large Trial Pack (6 Pack) a couple of weeks ago, how good did you think it was? Did it feel awesome as you slid your rubberd-up tool into your partners well lubed orifice?
Every month we give €1,000,000 worth of fuck toys and cock sheathes to whoever sends us the review that makes most of our staff want to toss themselves off in the office.

Ok. I confess those weren’t their exact words, but frankly they deserve to be pilloried. Do they really know nothing of my sex life? Have they not been keeping up with my blog? Do they not know that, despite having received 42 jonnies from them (there was value pack of three different brands of thin condoms as well – 12 of each.) not a single foil square has been torn open since. Never mind the complimentary vibrating cock ring they sent me. [Sighs]

11 Responses to “I suppose they think that’s funny”

  1. They just have one generic email and they don’t give a shit about your sex life…obviously

  2. MySideOfTheStreet Says:


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