Pink envelope

A pink envelope sat on the spare bed, next to two distinct piles of paper: one for filing, one for recycling. The pink envelope was for neither, and it sat on it’s own. The flap of the envelope had not been sealed and it’s contents peaked out casually, almost enough to be seen.

A couple of feet away, neatly arranged were my Wife’s business suit and her briefcase full of papers for the day.

It was just before 5am when She got out of bed and showered. Significantly earlier than usual; hence Her clothes being in the spare room, so She could leave early for work without unnecessarily waking me. Inevitably didn’t work, but the gesture was noble and appreciated.

As She dressed, my Wife spotted the envelope, picked it up and examined the contents. Her suspicions were probably confirmed when She realised it was the lingerie vouchers from Luxurious Designer Lingerie Emporium.

She then closed it, put it back down, and went to work.

I know this happened, not because I witnessed it, but because I had casually placed the envelope next to the recycling and the filing, and had arranged it’s peeping contents with considered precision, and because envelopes do not fold themselves closed nor turn themselves over.

She had mentioned taking Herself shopping in Townsville whilst I and the rest of the family went to Toyland a couple of weeks ago, but inevitably She had rearranged the weekend so we could all catch up with family. The contents of the pink envelope had not been mentioned since.

11 Responses to “Pink envelope”

  1. So, I gather that your wife is not that into sex…

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