Piqued my interest

After a long spate of work, in a state of mounting sexual frustration I settled down to catch up on some blogging and some online perving. I checked the email account I reserve for sex, followed a couple of links from rubber fetish newsletter, and ended up on Pinterest. It’s not a website I think I’ve ever visited before, and as far as I can see so far, there is no porn as such, but …

As I arrived at the site via a rubber fetish e-newsletter, it’s probably not surprising that I found some rather scrumptious fetish photography. And I thought I’d share some with you today.


Neither rubber nor fetish (despite how I discovered it), but ahhh, if only I could even dream of ever getting a message like this … or it being appreciated if I sent one.


This is just exquisite! It reminds me a little of HR Giger.


I have mixed feelings about corsets. I do like the shape they can give, but the cinching is often overdone for my taste. I love the general aesthetic of this – it is a genuinely beautiful garment and far more than just a corset – spoilt only a little by being overly constrictive.


This, on the other hand is divine! If I was a woman (I suspect I’d need to be an affluent one) I’d definitely seek out one of these. Imaginative. Sexy. Buckles. Laces. The process alone involved in even putting it on would doubtless have my pussy moistening. If I had a pussy … obviously.


Tell me you didn’t giggle!


Rubber. Purple. Mild corsetting. Stockings. Lace.
What’s not to love!


And just to round off, I am quite partial to a little bit of steam punk.
(And very partial to a little bit of rubber.)

7 Responses to “Piqued my interest”

  1. Very sexy. Pinterest has porn lite!

  2. MySideOfTheStreet Says:

    Enjoyed this! I quite like corsets, though I agree with you on the cinching. That second one, with the buckles was divine!

  3. These photos are great. I love that they are not that explicit, but they are very sexy!

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