Secrets of a shopaholic

Being both self employed and primary parent does take quite a bit of energy. Often on the days I’m not being paid to work, once the household chores are done, I take off my apron (metaphorically) and sit down in front of the internet just to relax. From what I can gather I am not particularly unusual in that, though I’m not referring to my enjoyment of porn, but rather to my browsing the virtual shopping aisles of online retailers.

Many bored house wives mythically stock up on cosmetics and shoes, to the extent where it becomes an addiction. They end up filling the bathroom cabinet with more processed whale fat than you can shake a lipstick at, and more shoes than they can possibly hope to ever wear.

I am not that different, except it is rapidly becoming clear my shopping addiction is not shoes but underwear. (It would probably be sex toys too, if my Wife was remotely interested and money weren’t a consideration, but hey ho.)

Yes, I’m hooked on buying pants uk.
Not your run of the mill cotton boxers. No no no no no! Nothing so mundane. But I doubt you thought that would be the case Avid Reader.
And it’s not even as if I need to buy any more – I have more than enough pairs to go 2 weeks without doing the laundry, and that’s not the old cotton boxers that still inexplicably take up space in my bottom drawer, or the thongs and g-strings buried at the back: if you were to include this I could go a month without a need to go commando.
Not that my choice of smalls was made on grounds of need, or even practicality. They’re a little more left field, as might be expected of impulse purchases.

An online underwear retailer sent me details of some new garments from German manufacturer Manstore today, and whilst there was nothing that particularly caught my eye, a little browsing did lead me to the Tarzen Strap. Definitely more strap than thong or string, I can’t imagine how it would actually be possible to get underwear any smaller. WPuwTs

I really am grinning as I type. The fact that they’re available in blue (which I ordered), orange, yellow and olive, as well as black and white, somehow adds a hint of normality to them, obviously in slight contrast to their … err … well … should we say … their cut. Could they get any more outrageous?

Well, that depends on what you call outrageous …

I’ve never felt inclined towards cross dressing as such, despite having worn girlfriends’ lingerie from time to time, just for a laugh or some role play sex. But I’ve long maintained that, when it comes to intimate apparel, women have the monopoly on styles, fabrics and colours. So being one who likes to buck the trend, I’ve been thinking about the X-Dress range for some time, especially the Lace Kinky Brief. In peach. (I couldn’t find a picture of the back in the same colour, but you get the idea.)


Again, there’s a degree of outrageousness that makes me grin like a Cheshire cat. Doing something you’re not supposed to do.

I doubt I’ll ever been seen in them in the flesh, but I’m definitely looking forward to wearing them in secret.

20 Responses to “Secrets of a shopaholic”

  1. I’m not sure how i feel about the lacy one but the blue string is er, eyecatching ๐Ÿ˜‰ curious to see you in both. Maybe a members post soon?

    • Yeah, the lace ones do challenge the perceived norms a bit. Tee hee.
      A members Only post? When they arrive and I have a spare moment I might see what I can to. Though I don’t anticipate them looking as good on me as on the models above.

  2. MySideOfTheStreet Says:

    That Tarzen strap is quite unusual. Not sure what to say about it other than I want pictures when you get it ๐Ÿ™‚ and that model for it has a nice ass!

    • Sadly his ass is a little more honed than mine. But seeing as you’re not the first to request pictures , I’ll see what I can do.
      As a point if amusement, I was out when the post arrived today, and the postman just left a card to say she’d left a package at the neighbours’. If they knew!!!!! Giggle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh…that is something I find pretty un-sexy ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. i’m trying to imagine these on my hubby. hehe

  5. For those curious, they arrived this week, and tried them both on straight away. Boy, did they did make me smile! I’m currently wearing the Tarzen Strap and โ€ฆ maybe I shouldn’t say any more this side on a Members Only post.

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