More string underwear

When you hear the words underwear and string, my guess is you usually have a particular image in mind. It might be like one of my most recent purchases, but some people think a little outside the box …


In case you were wondeing, (I think I’m right in saying) this is the cover art for a single by the leftfield LA trio Liars called Anti Pro Anti. If you’re into avant garde electronica, and the words bleeps and breaks or industrial mean anything to you in a musical context, check it out.

If not, I just thought it was an amusing picture.

4 Responses to “More string underwear”

  1. MySideOfTheStreet Says:

    You’re such a tease, I thought we’d get that picture of you!

  2. I checked them out. I like electro, but this is a bit too heavy for me.

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