This is not a love song

In two days time it’s Valentine’s Day, and if I’m honest, I’m dreading it.

I am up to my eyeballs with work. The last 6 weeks has been unusually busy work wise and has seen me bounce from one big deadline to another to another. I’m knackered.

My Wife is, as ever, up to Her eyeballs with work. The few hours She is at home of an evening are spent chained to Her laptop, and for several weeks Her industry has consistently kept Her there an hour or more after I have fallen asleep in bed.

At best, when one of us isn’t working, the other is. We have no time for each other, or even for ourselves. Unsurprisingly, we haven’t had sex since She went back to work after the Xmas break.

For Her birthday I bought Her an experience. You know the sort of thing – drive a sports car, fly birds of prey, a spa day, wine tasting – it’s nothing like any of those, but the available dates were limited and as a result, She is out for most of Valentine’s Day. She asked if that was OK when we confirmed with the event organisers, and it was. It’s not a significant date.

One thing’s for sure: unlike some Valentine’s Days past, She won’t be wearing the Infamous Red Lingerie. It’s not that kind of day. Which frankly is a relief. And after 6 weeks or so of celibacy, I hope She doesn’t want to have sex either, because I can’t be arsed. A few months ago I heard in the news that, with the economic downturn, we Brits aren’t getting as much, and the average couple now has sex about 4 times a month, compared to 7 prior to the global recession. At this rate we’re heading for once every 4 months. And then Valentine’s Day reads it’s ugly comercialised head, with its enforced expression of obligatory affection.

Well I have a message for Cupid:
Watch your back.


2 Responses to “This is not a love song”

  1. Now I have Public Image Ltd. “This Is Not a Love Song” stuck in my head…
    Well, all I can offer is that I wrote about Atsuko Kudo and offered a latex dressing video a couple of posts ago. :/

    • PiL were in my head when I titled the post. It’s the one track guaranteed to get rolled out as part of anti-valentine’s play lists.
      I’ve not had tine to read much lately so I missed the video post. I’ll seek it out.

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