The case for the defence

As unique as we all are, as adults, nature has decreed we’re pretty much all the same … in at least one respect. It’s something with which we are all provided, and yet, for something which is, in a sense, as normal as the hair on our heads, it can be surprisingly controversial and charged with bitter politics. It is, of course pubic hair.

You know well, Loyal Reader, that many years ago I started shaving mine off, and graduated through epilators to waxing, and these days it is rare that I have more than a couple of square inches of fuzz around my cock, balls and arse crack. That is exactly how I like it, yet it makes me unusual. Although I am assured by the beauticians who have ripped my pubes out on a regular basis for the last few years, male genital waxing is a growing business, the truth is, outside the porn industry, denuded dicks are still relatively rare. Dear Female Reader, you will have to take my word for it, but whilst you may well see a good percentage of shaved and waxed pussies in the your gym’s changing rooms, step into the men’s and there is more bush than you could shake a hedge trimmer at. I have only ever once been aware of showering and dressing next to a guy without a full complement of man-bush. And yes, I do look at the other men’s cocks.

It is perfectly normal for women to remove the hair from their genitals.
It is decidedly abnormal for men to do so.
And this is where the politics rears its ugly head.
Gender politics.

Some of the women I’ve slept with have trimmed their bushes, others shaved them into neat shapes, and a couple had them waxed completely. I have even had the monumentally erotic pleasure of shaving a couple of them myself. (My breath falters at the mere memory!) There have, thankfully been a few exceptions. (I say thankfully, because if all women were the same, there would be no fun in fucking more than one partner, and although I have sexual preferences, I am also a fan of variety and individuality.) On one memorable occasion, as I slid my hand between her welcoming thighs, I made the mistake of asking Tania if she ever thought of shaving her muff. Her cunt was as hairy as any I have enjoyed, and as far as she was concerned, that was exactly how it should be, and exactly how it was going to stay. Why do men just want sex with prepubescent girls?! she spat. And it’s not an uncommon allegation.


Yet I would say it is a fallacy, grasped by those with a gender political axe to grind, yet without really thinking it through. Let me present the case for the defense.

Of those men that get their genitals waxed, I understand a significant proportion are gay. If straight men who like hairless pussies are interested in anything other than adults, why do you never hear a similar accusation leveled at gay men who like shaved cocks? Or indeed straight women who like shaved cocks? Or lesbians who like shaved pussy. Only the attitudes of straight men are ever examined. The demographic which has traditionally held the majority of power in most societies. I’d suggest this is, at the very least, partisan. It is a reaction against gender bias, and is not objective in terms of sexual preferences and their origins.

To its detriment, the allegation also considers men’s regard for pussy, and fails to take into account their interest in the rest of a woman. The shaved mons in the stereotypical porn image is invariably part of an exaggerated hourglass figure: large tits, a small waist, and curvaceous hips. These are the physical characteristics of a sexually mature woman. Yet the argument is skewed, cherry picking pubes as an issue, and ignoring the context.

Women are far more open with each other about sex than men, so I have to admit I am offering a largely untested theory here, but I believe there is a very good reason, other than brainwashing by a misogynistic porn industry, why men like bald cunts and it has nothing to do with age or getting hairs stuck between your teeth:
Facial hair is always seen as masculine, never feminine
Hairy arms and legs are pretty much universally seen as masculine, and not feminine.
Hairy backs and chests are irrefutable masculine, and definitely not feminine.
Hairy arses, just the same.
So what is the justification for regarding hairy genitals as anything but masculine, and hairless genitals as anything but feminine.  Certainly it would be far from unexpected that, if a man announced in the pub that he was getting a back, crack and sack wax the next day, he would be loudly proclaimed as effeminate, not infantile. The verbal abuse would be about gender, not age.

On this basis, if there is a gender biased argument to be made, surely it is that men are expected by society to adhere to their own gender stereotypes. Straight men must be macho, both in their attitudes to themselves and to women. To be hairy is a masculine trait, and for a man to be attracted to a hairy woman is only one step away from being gay. Unfortunately there is still stigma attached to homosexuality far too often. Equally, women are expected to be feminine, and to be a hairy woman is to be butch. There is quite probably a case for gender bias within this argument; discussion of whether men and women are conditioned by social pressures, but to accuse men who prefer smooth skin between a woman’s legs of wanting sex with prepubescent girls really isn’t looking at the evidence.

Your Honourable Pervert, the Defence rests.

28 Responses to “The case for the defence”

  1. I do like a muff but as well I do enjoy the shaved one as well, as you said variety is never a bad thing. And yes I have also waxed down there and I actually liked it although I thought my dick looked quite alone there 🙂 nowadays I do trim it, mainly for the reason that it’s nicer for my girl to down in a trimmed park instead of an unruly patch of bush 🙂

    • I didn’t know you’d waxed – I don’t think you’ve ever commented on any of my posts on the subject. Kudos to you, sir! And also for being so considerate to your GF.

    • Must have missed yr waxing posts (oh my) but will do better and as u said on response to Dawn, damn it does feel better to be touched there without the hair in the way. My balls vibrated honestly when I first got licked there after my waxing. Oh mama.. 😉

    • Agreed about what it feels like for your balls to be stroked when they’re smooth, and I completely know what you mean about getting them licked the first time.
      But I was wondering, if you can mentally separate the two, whether the sensation experienced by your hand was better. Trying to give Dawn an idea what it would be like to stroke them.

  2. You know my position on pubic hair, it hasn’t changed much… I like pubic hair, I think it dresses the area up. Like Rincewind said, because the dick feels less lonely down there.
    I still like the feel of it underneath my fingers, but I must admit that it isn’t unpleasant to go down on someone whose hair isn’t too long.
    One way or the other, I just want people to do what they feel like and what they enjoy. I cannot speak about female hair and oral sex for the reason I haven’t had any experience in that area. I’ll let you know once I have if it made me change my mind 🙂
    But I like your point!

    • Have you ever had a pair of recently waxed balls in your hand? Rincewind may be able to confirm this, but I find my sack has an entirely different feel when it’s bald – softer, more tactile, almost irresistibly strokeable. And that’s only looking at it from my hand’s perspective.
      I have the same feelings about pussy – to me, it just feels so much nicer to stroke when it’s unencumbered by wiry curls.

    • I can totally understand your point of view. I like the soft skin of a man’s cock, so I can imagine how waxed balls may feel like. But that’s only when they are freshly waxed. When the hair is starting to grow again… it may be a different feel altogether!
      And to answer your question, no, I have never had his experience. One day I may meet a man who enjoys doing it and I’ll get to experience it. But if I never do, I’ll still feel that my life was complete 😉

    • If you’re ever in town … 😉

  3. Reblogged this on Erotixx and commented:
    Thoughtful post as always… to shave or not..

  4. I never thought about this when I fuck !

  5. Oh Accidental, a man after my own heart. Or should I say cunt. I’ve been bald all my adult life, except for when pregnancy made it impossible for me to shave, and often M would do it for me in those cases. I love a shaved cock and balls. LOVE IT! It’s smooth, it’s tasty, it’s sexy, it’s less likely to hold a sweaty smell. And I can give better head for sure. It lets me go deeper and have more tongue action. And the hair doesn’t tickle my lips, which tends to make me giggle. As far as women, I could care less about what’s above the clit, but I prefer shaved lips. I really like the vulva, the whole of it, the plump lips, the inner labia, the hooded clit. I like the way it looks, the way it feels, and the way it tastes. When there’s a lot of hair there, I can’t see as much, feel as much, or taste as much and that makes me sad. I say men and women, sharpen up those blades because bare is better. *hugsandkisses*

    • A man after your own cunt? What a delightful thought. I think I agree with you on every single point, with the exception of having had no physical experience of another’s cock and balls. I’m not a fan of completely hairless, I like a little mons fluff, but cock balls, lips, clit, hood, yeah I want access unhindered.

    • See Caitlyn, the thing is I like the smell of a cock, I don’t mind whether it’s sweaty! I cannot talk about women’s bits as I have never experienced any other than my own and I am not that flexible that I can bring my mouth anywhere near it, nor my eyes to see 😉
      One of my problems with shaving is that I tend to get ingrown hair. And that is way less sexy than normal length hair. And much more uncomfortable too. I don’t really want that in these sensitive areas 😉
      I also like the feel of the tickly hair around my fingers when they go through it.
      I guess it’s really a matter of ‘to each their own’. And it’s probably a good thing 😉

  6. I love the saying variety is the spice of life and I believe it to be true too. My hubby likes to play around with his man parts and the hair that covers it. For the most part he keeps his cock and balls clean and smooth and that I love. He usually keeps the pubes trimmed but he knows I like to run my fingers through his hair and so he keeps it long enough for me to do so. 🙂

    Although my hubby has never told me his preference (he loves me anyway he can get me) I’ve waxed, shaved, manicured here and there, been bushy and bald. But knowing that there is nothing as delicious as some smooth lips when it comes to the lady bits I am thinking I am now overdue for a waxing or shaving. 😉

    • Wax! WAX! WAX!!!!!!
      And then get him waxed too.
      Way better than shaving. Smoother, longer lasting, no stubble, and infinitely nor lickable.
      For person taste, I’d say leave a fluffy landing to run your fingers through, but each to their own.

    • Oh I let him wax me once and that was so HOT and painful and we laughed a lot. lol

    • I don’t think I’d be prepared to wax a pussy without being taught how to do it. Shaving a pussy, on the other hand, is without doubt the most erotic thing I have ever done!!!!!!! Ironic, isn’t it, that I prefer waxed?

    • it has been years since I’ve had my pussy shaved. If I am to go bare, than I prefer waxing but I agree very erotic and sexy.

      As far as having him wax me. I purchased the right wax, we watched some how to videos, etc… that being said it is something that should be left to the professionals. lol

  7. As you and I have discussed, I am now a big fan of the full wax. Hell I think I’ve become addicted to it now. As for my men, virtually all I have been with in recent months are shaved or waxed. And for me, that makes my task immensely more pleasurable. I don’t know how I would react if I met someone new and there was full hair….!!

  8. I love when my man shaves me. Totally agree it’s super erotic. Trusting him to the power of a razor by my bits? It’s sexy submission. He manscapes, but only with a razor. I definitely prefer the short and tidy look on him. I do love a smooth ball sack to play with.

    • For me, I don’t think it’s about submission (D/s is not really my thing). Possibly more permission. I’ve never considered it before, but you could regard whoever is being shaved as having dominance and whoever is shaving is servicing them.
      Either way, considering my love of cunt, I can think of few ways to enjoy it more.

      If you like your man smooth, you should encourage him to get waxed. It’s sooooooo much better.

    • You know, you’re right. It’s probably not submission at all. It’s really about trust. And it feels fan-fucking-tastic to have him take such delicate care of my cunt. It’s quite the juxtaposition to the pounding he gives it after. I’ll mention waxing, but I think that will be a resounding no.

    • I hope you get a good tongue lashing too.
      If it’s not too bold of me to ask, what’s your(pl) preferred hairstyle.
      And he really should try getting waxed – you’d both love it.

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