Up … date

Too much to do today. So an update in note form:

Saturday night – went for dinner and to a gig on our own.
Had house to ourselves overnight, for once.
Mild snuggling. Then sleep.

Sunday morning.
Scheduled to fuck.
I felt awkward, lying in bed next to Her, with my yearning cock tugging rhythmically at the duvet.
Her: I’m waking up slowly.
Me: I’m going to get a cup of tea.
Her: Can you bring me one back, please?
I did, semi erect tool still bobbing around when I returned.
We drank tea.
Some insignificant words were exchanged. Nothing about sex.
We snuggled.
We fucked.
There are details I could share, and would if I had time today. Some good, some less so, but none bad. Suffice to say …
It was good sex.
Not mind blowing. Not the wanton, hedonistic, uninhibited orgy of pleasuring that I dream of. Not dripping with sweat, juices, cum, lust and kink.
But it was good sex.
And even with a condom on (more of this hopefully to follow in my Rubbers Review at some point) I came in Her cunt.


Next, we wait for Tuesday.

7 Responses to “Up … date”

  1. Sounds like a good Sunday morning, tea and a fuck. All good in my book.

  2. Yay! Can’t complain about good sex! Keeping my fingers crossed for Tuesday. xoxo

  3. all smiles. 😀

  4. I wouldn’t mind a Sunday morning like that.

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