10 things you didn’t know about orgasms

Education. Education. Education. It was an electioneering mantra of the UK Government in 2001. Now I don’t want to bore you with politics, but I do believe we all have a duty to educate ourselves, and with the proliferation of teaching resources on the internet, there has never been easier time to learn. Not least amongst the educational portals is Ted. If you don’t know it, check it out. There are genuinely interesting videos on pretty much any subject you have ever considered, and quite a few you hadn’t. Including orgasms.

In this talk, scientific humorist and author, Mary Roach, enlightens us on the subject of orgasms.
But whilst knowledge is a powerful tool, be warned: you cannot un-know things you didn’t want to know: topics covered include ejaculation, intra-vaginal photography, foetuses, death, artificial semen recipes, dental hygiene and pig farmers. Avert your eyes if you more easily offended than you are curious.

4 Responses to “10 things you didn’t know about orgasms”

  1. Great minds! Her video from TEDtalk is fun.
    I have a few more tidbits for you if you are on a roll.

  2. I loved her Ted Talk. She’s funny, and it’s fascinating to learn how sexuality has been studied over the years.

  3. Thank goodness i’m not easily offended. lol

    Now I have to know have you measured the distance of your ejaculate?

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